There are about 74.6 million sites that depend on WordPress. The content management system just gets better and 2019 will be no different. Web developers need to keep up with the current trends in web development.

With the latest advancements and features introduced last year, what’s in store for WordPress in 2019?

Look out for these new WordPress features (some still under development) and some which have already been rolled out:

1. Gutenberg Editor

We can’t wait for WordPress 5.0 to come out. It features the Gutenberg editor. It features an entirely different editing experience for media rich pages and posts. Web editors can experience more flexibility in writing codes and building their own website.

Though the WordPress 4.9.8 was released in 2018 and Gutenberg Callout was already a part of it, the 5.0 version of WordPress will feature a full roll-out of the Gutenberg editor.

If you think Gutenberg is the only cool feature of WordPress 5.0, you’re wrong. There’s definitely more.

2. Simpler site-building experience

The new WordPress features a simpler experience in building websites. It is easier and more intuitive.

3. Easier process in building custom themes

In the past you would need knowledge in web development in order to use WordPress. But now, with a more intuitive user interface, WordPress 5.0 makes it easy for everyone to create a website. One can create more accessible themes without hassle.

4. Plug-in compatibility

Without a Gutenberg-compatible plug-in, these plugins will become irrelevant. Plugins are essential to WordPress sites. Web development experts are arguing that with this major change, Gutenberg will introduce a massive shift in how users manage their WordPress sites.

5. More personalized chatbots

Providing better support for customers visiting your website, chatbots were a web development trend last year. Chatbots can be embedded in to the CRM. In 2019, experts see chatbots becoming more personalized.

From the backend, users will be able to know more information about the visitor than just random information. This way, businesses can capture leads. CRM softwares such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft or Active Campaign can identify and capture leads generated by Chatbots.

6. Videos

More and more people are consuming video content now than ever before. According to a study by Cisco, by 2021, all of internet traffic will come from video content. Social media marketers will be using video to promote their brand.

One popular tool used by video marketers is the video header. Videos are a great visual treat for web visitors. However, it can also affect the quality of the website. Your site can take time to load if you have a lot of videos on your site.

With the new WordPress 5.0, you can easily upload video headers easily as themes make it simpler.


In 2019, WordPress will have an Admin panel on REST API. This allows backend users to use WordPress to manage content for any web app. This data provided by the REST API helps developers to gain access into the content remotely through JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). The backend user will need to send and receive the JSON to access it remotely.

Now you can create mobile apps on WordPress just like how you create a website. Isn't it exciting?

8. More user-friendly interface for users

Users will not even notice the change despite the integration of the REST API plugin. The Gutenberg editor will have a huge impact on users as it will help them generate more content with a new editing interface.

9. From PHP to Javascript

Web developers will move from PHP to Javascript. Web developers can still continue developing websites using the PHP programming language. However, more plugins will require Javascript to run.