It's not easy coming up with app concepts that can quickly cost a million dollars. You need to find a mobile app development company that has the app developers to make your app idea a reality.

In terms of technology, the global cloud computing market is expected to reach a record $832 billion by 2025, up from $371 billion in 2020, with a projected annual growth rate of 17.5 percent. Revenue from software as a service (SaaS) alone has grown from 2% of the enterprise software market in 2009 to 23% by 2020, while 77% of businesses rely on legacy or on-premises systems.

Current pandemic scenarios suggest that the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud will accelerate, and the enterprise can therefore leverage mobile app ideas to succeed. The current trend in mobile app development is experiencing tremendous growth with over 5 billion unique phone users.

The global cloud computing market is expected to reach a record $832 billion by 2025, up from $371 billion in 2020, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 17.5 percent.

Startup App Ideas

Revenue from software as a service (SaaS) alone has grown from 2% of the enterprise software market in 2009 to 23% by 2020.
77% of enterprises rely on legacy or on-premise technologies. Current pandemic scenarios suggest that the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud will accelerate.

So far, industries have been seen moving towards mobile, and they are. It is better to look at the industries that have plunged into the app world to get a mobile app that will benefit their business. In this way, they want to increase the number of customers they can sell to and get the product to customers faster.

If you want to create an app, you can start by exploring these ideas.

1| Lyrics tracking app

Lyrics tracking app

We hear a song and enjoy it, but we forget the words and only have the humming part or a piece of the song left. In other cases, certain lyrics come to us unexpectedly and we have no idea which album they come from. In both situations, we use our memory to decode the music.

So implementing this idea in a mobile app is an exciting possibility for smartphone users. An app that determines the song based on a few lyrics or hums. It would be even easier to play the part of the music you recognize, and the app would determine the song and artist.

2| App to learn languages

App to learn languages

This language learning app helps users with basic language learning and is one of the most innovative app concepts for 2021. The mobile learning market is so large that analysts expect it to grow to $46.9 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of about 26%.

To get this out of many android app ideas, different features need to be implemented along with different levels of difficulty. It can be anything from alphabets and simple letters to entire conversations. The software can be configured to offer speech so that students can hear how words are pronounced.

3| App for Integrated Medicine

App for Integrated Medicine

It's an industry that will never become obsolete. If you can serve effectively, there's no better choice. Telemedicine, up 120 percent, is one of the fastest-growing segments of health information technology. Telemedicine is a trend in mobile apps for healthcare, which is expected to reach $113 billion by 2025. Think of how relieved the customer would feel if he/she had control over every aspect of the ordering process.

Remember, medications can't be given for an unlimited amount of time. That's why you need to speed up! ERP apps make it easy to keep track of orders and deliveries. In addition to distribution, additional functions are integrated, such as consulting a doctor and quick checks.

Such a mobile app idea is trendy right now! Moreover, the new pandemic has increased interest in remote management services. In 2021, it will certainly be a lucrative source of income.

4| App to Order Custom Cakes

App to Order Custom Cakes

Cake ordering apps are not uncommon, but many of them are fake. Most of them cannot be customized but must be ordered exactly as pictured. Bakers who pride themselves on their ability to come up with delicious and diverse masterpieces, and who want a digital platform for their bakery, may find this app an excellent starting point.

One good thing about such simple mobile app ideas is that they can become thoughtful gifts for family and friends. Customers can add their favorite recipes with personalized ingredients and a mobile app and post them directly on social media by connecting them to their social network accounts.

5| Rental Search/Communication App

Communication App

A tenant locator and chat app would facilitate communication between tenants and landlords. Those who rent out their homes search for potential tenants and browse through different profiles to find the best match for their needs. Tenants, in turn, could make formal complaints about the property or maintenance needs and pay the rent through the app.

6| Taito apps

Education has become more important with the development of digital technologies. People no longer bother to visit libraries. Now there are smart ways to acquire new skills without hassle.

And you can measure your achievements more accurately and boost your performance. Plus, you can include an online training session on a single topic. Apps for training are a current trend. In addition to searching for talent, many people are looking for new opportunities to find a sustainable career.

7| App for Dog Walking

App for Dog Walking

According to a separate survey by the American Pet Product Association, Americans spend $23.4 billion on dog food, more than $15.73 billion on health care, $14.39 billion on supplies and over-the-counter medications, $5.24 billion on pet services such as pet grooming and boarding, and $2.19 billion on pets. These figures are astounding and show that American households have an unhealthy obsession with pets, especially dogs. However, work schedules and other obligations are a barrier between pets and pet owners.

While everyone in this fast-paced world is too busy to walk the dog, the idea of creating a dog walking app as one of the app ideas for startups is becoming popular. Apps for dog walking operate in a two-sided market. First, dog owners request a dog walker, and their request is immediately answered by a dog walker on the other end; then the reservation is verified, and finally, the parents pay. So you too can develop a dog walking app and establish yourself as the market leader in dog walking services.

8| A social media app

The most sought-after apps are used to interact with people all over the world. They spend 60% of their time chatting or communicating with new people on social media to maintain the status quo.

One of the safest bets among all mobile app ideas is to develop a social media app. Such social networking platforms offer various communication features such as instant messaging, security, location sharing, and the ability to send and receive videos and documents. Social networking is therefore the best way to tap the creative resources of a start-up.

9| An on-demand app for home cooking

According to surveys, 53% of Americans consider themselves food enthusiasts, which is a significant portion of the population to represent. With the help of skilled Android app developers, you can create an on-demand home food ordering app that allows users to order fresh food at affordable prices.

If there is a house party, weekend, or occasion, we ask for food from restaurants. At one point or another, we all miss cooking at home. What if we can't cook but want home-cooked food?

By creating an app that allows users to order home-cooked meals at an affordable price, you can set yourself apart from other online food delivery apps. It's one of the best mobile app ideas in the world today, helping consumers make safe choices!

| Thoughts included

If you choose one of these suggestions,this year will be a great year! However, you can go ahead with these ideas to build your mobile app and run a successful business. Considering your business and how it will benefit the real world, it is advisable to choose a challenging one to serve a niche audience.

Our interpretation is that mobile app ideas behave similarly to a chain reaction. One idea spawns another and so on. So use our mobile app ideas, or let them spark your imagination in new ways.If you are looking for an app developer there are many app development companies in India that can help you in building new apps for your startups.