Weekly or monthly grocery shopping is probably one of the most common yet not-so-exciting tasks. Not many of us do not like to stand and wait in long billing queues or roam here and there within the supermarket only to pick up a packet of cheese. The traditional methods of grocery shopping are being abandoned by many for various good reasons. The alternate option that people are opting for these days is online grocery shopping

With such an app on your smartphone, you can browse through hundreds of grocery items and shop online while sitting at home. You can even avail yourself of the best possible deals and discounts as and when the app lets you know about it. We have curated a list of the best grocery delivery apps for iPhone and Android users. 

Buy Me A Pie

Buy Me a Pie is the first one on our list. Just like it has a unique name, its services are also unmatched. It offers a hassle-free shopping experience by providing advanced features that will never let you miss out on buying the products that were on your list. The app has a great sync-able shared list feature that helps you do the same. The app makes sure that you are able to manage your shopping lists easily. You can even try the automatic synchronization feature of the Buy Me a Pie app to get in touch with your family members' or friend's list. With a 4.7 rating on the play store, this is one of the best grocery delivery services in use. 


Flipp is a unique app that allows you to match the valid coupons of your favourite brands. It thoroughly goes through the nearby retail stores and compiles a list of brands that offers discount coupons to help you grab the best deals and ultimately save more. This is probably the only online grocery shopping app that helps you save more as it offers weekly ads from over a thousand retailers. The Flipp app also offers Loyalty Cards that help you save while frequently shopping for various products. The app enjoys a 4.6 rating on the play store and is thus reliable.


This is another grocery delivery service across the UAE. It offers a huge variety of grocery items that can be ordered and received within a day, provided that you order as per the guidelines of the app. You can buy canned and frozen food items, fresh fruits and veggies, healthy beverages, fruits & nuts, tropical food items, meat & poultry food items, dairy products, and a variety of chocolates from the QualityFood app. You can get free deliveries only if you place an order of more than 150 AED. The app offers all kinds of online payment facilities thus making it a great option for an online grocery store. 


This is another unique grocery shopping app that functions with smart grocery management techniques. It thoroughly studies all your meal plans and recipes. Later, it prepares a grocery list based on the meals and recipes that you prefer to eat. The app has an in-built grocery list feature that allows you to know about the nutritional value of each recipe. You can even search for recipes that match your likes, eating patterns, or other preferable habits. The app helps automatically add items to your purchase list. This app also enjoys a commendable 4.6 rating. 


Instacart is one of the fastest grocery delivery apps that delivers your orders in an hour or so from the local retail stores such as Petco, Whole Foods, Costco, and others. You can personalise your orders by choosing grocery items as per your requirement based on their quality, price, brand, or other factors. It is a very famous grocery delivery service in uae. You can easily find the best quality products at your favourite local stores and supermarkets. The app also eases your task by providing information on organic, gluten-free, and vegan products. You can even chat with the shopper directly or do group chats with your friends or family members. Instacart has a 4.5 rating on the play store. 

Summing up the details

Accessing the best grocery delivery apps is an excellent option to do away with the weekly grocery shopping burden. Now that we all have smartphones in our hands, we can anytime search and order the items that we wish to have for our favourite recipes or stock up all kinds of grocery items for the month.