Online communication is absolutely integral to our lives right now. There are sites that are devoted to all sorts of different topics, hobbies, fields of work, for example, bicycles, computers, or trips abroad. There are also tons of different social networks which provide their users with a practically limitless amount of possibilities when it comes to communication. There are many types of social networks in which you can not only text each other but also share videos, photos, and music. Some social networks may be focused on single people who are looking for a partner in life.

All sorts of people from all around the world come to dating sites to find an interesting person to talk to, get to know each other better or to find a partner in life. This way of finding a soulmate is as popular as ever, people are busy and every second of their time counts, thus, people find it convenient to use dating sites. Often, such online acquaintances can turn into a serious relationship and result in a long life together. Time goes forward, and of the keys to success in creating a dating site is to keep up with all of the latest technologies and trends of the market. This is our review of the best plugins for those who want to create their own dating website.


It includes 5 different styles so that you can pick the one that best suits your website’s design. Also, there is a number of themes that a developer may use to further adapt the design of this plugin to their website.

The plugin can be downloaded for free. The premium option is also available, it provides additional features such as the ability to upload photos to user profiles, registration through a social network profile, Captcha, etc.

It has all the needed features that a developer would want on their registration page. Lots of options for redirection, different front end user login and registration forms, ability to reset a user’s password, etc.

W3 Total Cache

There were countless studies on the determining factors of success of websites, practically all of them tell the same exact story, people don’t like it when a site or a page that they need takes too long to download. While there may be fair reasons why it takes so long to download your landing page, it is filled with all sorts of plug-ins and neat features, yet it is still discouraging for a user to waste a few seconds just to see all of that goodness. For this reason, there are plug-ins like W3. It is also compatible with all of the popular hosting services out there.

If you are planning on making a video dating service, you simply must use this plug-in, it is unrivaled in its simplicity and the sheer amount of features.


This plug-in gives you tons of different features and the ability to analyze how well is your site performing. It is the ultimate tool that you need in order to optimize user experience. However, the premium option of the plugin provides backup features and additional layers of protection along with a bunch of other features.

Its key features include the ability to analyze statistics of a site, protects it, to display time, and to allow visitors to interact with you through various different ways. It also gives you the ability to install a highly-functional comment system and stylish feedback forms.

Contact Form 7

Let’s continue on the topic of feedback.

This plug-in is the ultimate tool that you need to optimize the process of communication with users and reacting to their feedback. It supports CAPTCHA, Akismet, and Ajax, which will ensure your security of interactions with your user base.

Its key features include the ability to manage several forms of feedback at the same time, to customize them, and to prevent spam with CAPTCHA and Akismet.

Imagify Image Optimizer

Despite the fact that the download speed has been an important factor of the success of websites for many years, in 2019, due to the predominance of the mobile market, this factor became even more relevant. Very often, large images are the main reasons why it may take a long time to download a page. Therefore, the use of such plug-ins as Imagify ImageOptimizer will greatly help in reducing a page’s loading time.

This popular plugin is fully automated. It will check and optimize any images that you upload on a site. However, there is a limit on the number of images to be optimized in the free version, it can be expanded via purchasing the Premium option of the plug-in.

The main features of this plug-in include the ability to compresses images based on three built-in algorithms, to restore an image back to its former state after its deletion, automatic optimization of images.