Instagram is gradually expanding and is ranking progressively high as a social medial platform! According to the latest social media update, Instagram comprises of a billion active users and comes after Facebook and YouTube in social media ranking. Facebook is known for its vast user-base. But Instagram also impresses people with its increased reach that is growing with every passing day.

Also, based on the latest social media news updates, Instagram forms a crucial part of a brand’s social media marketing strategy. Owned by Facebook, Instagram can get downloaded in the Apple App Store for free as well. And it has witnessed significant growth since 2018 and 2019. The growth from June 2018 to April 2019 has been approximately 20%, and it is expected to expand in the days to come as well.

Purchasing Instagram Followers

The number of people opening their Instagram account daily is increasing! And these are the people who follow the profile of their best brands and celebrities online. They also support the leading social influencers and add to their follower count. Today, brands and other users can increase their account likes and followers by purchasing the same. There are service providers that help you to buy 50 real Instagram followers as against the dead bots, that only add up numbers but no real value. However, you need to research extensively about these companies and go ahead with the follower purchase packages offered.

The ease of using the social media platform, purchasing followers, and other factors, make Instagram the best business social media platform for 2020. A few other factors that support this are as follows:

1. It can effectively reach the millennials along with Generation Z

Instagram appeals to everyone! The younger adults use Instagram more than Facebook today. Based on research by Sprouts Social, almost 64% of the Instagram users range between 18 and 29 years of age. And from this, two of every three adults use Instagram. This social media platform is anticipated to be accountable for almost a quarter of Facebook’s entire ad revenue by 2020 end of the year.

The users of this social media possess a decent disposable income. According to the latest news updates, close to 31% of the Instagram users, generate over $35,000 annually. Though several other aspects decide on the earning, but this social media platform pays well to bloggers and individuals dedicated to this brand.

2. Carrying out your business through Instagram

Today, people promote and carry-on luggage out their business through social media interactions and activities! And in this regard, Instagram creates a unique benchmark for itself. On Instagram, almost 80% of the accounts follow one brand or businesses. And close to 200 Instagrammers male sure to visit their business profile regularly. Hence, close to 70% of the users switch to Instagram when they search for data for a brand. Also, about 60% of the users can learn more on brand-new products through social media service.

There are other crucial facts to consider, as well! About 11% of active users are based out of the United States. And going by 2020 news updates, Instagram accounts for approximately 112.5 million American account holders. The other numbers include 40 million in Russia, 69 million in India, and 70 million in Brazil. With such a vast user base, it is natural that people across the globe find it easy to carry out their business and promotion activities through Instagram.

3. Moving away from likes

The start of 2020 saw Instagram removing the "like" feature. It is a very bold and positive move. However, you can check the accounts that have responded to your post. The main objective of hiding the likes is to promote an unbiased online ambiance for users and other brands to thrive and do their business. This move has its own competition levels and also challenges Snapchat. It aims to capture its user base since only the users can view the engagement their post generated.

4. The image perfect element

Going by Sprout Social news on Instagram and social media, people today post close to 100 million pictures online daily! And if a picture can depict great detail, chances are these images act as an encyclopedia daily and annually. And brand should consider the images they want to share.

According to the experts, images that come with one primary color generate more interest than others with multiple colors. Images that come with added texts also add up to the engagement rate by 79%. The users also want pictures to have minimal space. So, the images that have more background gets over 29% more likes than the one that doesn't. Instagram makes it easy to follow these guidelines and boost the likes and follower count.

There are several other reasons other than the ones mentioned above that makes business owners Instagram more for business than other platforms. The ease of use and the added features also make Instagram popular.