Video content continues to rise in popularity. It is still the most engaging piece of media you can post online, as videos can be interacting and fun, encouraging users to actually take action. Truthfully, it’s not hard to see why videos are popular now. It’s easy to consume that doesn’t require as much attention as reading content would need. Videography lets you tell emotional stories - something just simple text wouldn’t be able to do.

As a social media company in Dubai, we’re quite aware that video makes for a powerful marketing tool - especially in 2020. Not only are videos engaging and fun, but they also tend to make a huge difference when added to digital marketing strategies.

Boosts Social Media Engagement

When your videos are executed perfectly, you can easily reach a larger audience and, in turn, prompt a number of shares on social media. Your end goal should be to interest your audience enough to actually engage with you - you shouldn’t be making a video just in the hopes of potentially going viral. Put your customer’s needs first!

Boost Conversions

74% of consumers typically buy a product when they’re able to see the product being used through an informative video. Keeping this statistic in mind, think about how your website’s landing page would be a perfect place to embed your videos. But of course, remember to keep your autoplay off so that your customers aren’t caught off guard with a loud video!

According to Social Media Today, 90% of consumers have claimed that watching a video would help them make a decision when it comes to purchasing products.

Videos tend to keep users on your page for longer periods of time as well. This is a great strategy to keep in mind if you want customers to look around your website for longer.

Increases ROI

78% of marketers have stated that video marketing has increased their ROI (Return on Investment). This proves that videos aren’t just a trend on the internet - but an impactful type of content that can drastically change the way you approach digital marketing.

Improves SEO

It’s well-known that Google’s algorithm loves content-rich websites; this includes websites that have a good mix of photos, videos and text. When you embed longer videos, this also increases your dwell time, boosting your SEO rankings.

To improve the impact your video has on SEO, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Transcribe your video! Transcribing the text from your video will allow the google bots to skim through your content with a lot more accuracy. In turn, your website will more likely be featured in different internet searches!
  • Keep your videos short. While you do want people to stay on your website for a longer time, a lengthy video will not help. Videos under two minutes tend to get good, if not the most, engagement. If your videos are too long and drag on, you risk losing viewers and customers.
  • Optimize your videos. Add strong and relevant titles, accurate descriptions and meta tags so that the search engine bots can crawl your video.

Videos Build Consumer Trust

With marketing, the goal is to create a long-term relationship with your consumers that’s built on trust. Many consumers will see trust as the foundation of a marketing campaign and videos are the perfect medium to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. Powerful videos can evoke emotions online more than any other format.

Through video, customers can usually see a clearer picture of real emotions. Using the right tone of voice will enable your customers to engage with the video how you want them to. When customers can connect with the emotions of your brand, they tend to trust companies more often.

Attracts New Customers

After you’ve produced your video, you can use this to advertise your brand on multiple social media platforms. Networks such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are great for uploading videos, but there’s nothing stopping you from sharing it on Twitter and LinkedIn either!

All of these social networks are known for having great targeting features that allow you to reach out to newer audiences. By running ads, you can control your budget and make sure your video is shown to only your specific target audience. If you want to post organically, you can make use of hashtags on each platform to ensure you’re reaching the right people. As video is more engaging than other forms of content, newer audiences will be more susceptible to engaging with your brand online!

Videos Are Sharable

When you create a video that’s entertaining and engaging, there’s a high chance that users who watch your videos will share your content on social media and with their friends. This gives your brand and product great exposure, while also increasing your SEO benefits and will drive newer (and more) customers to your website or social media profiles where they could buy your products.