What do you think digital trends could be? Would it be more influencer marketing, more web videos? Or creating more of how will your digital consumers get engaged with your brands? Even I’ve been thinking and predicting about the innovations, advancement in technologies, new digital media platforms, and marketing trends taking place in 2020.

You see to generate product awareness has become much easier, as well as to promote the services by sharing the information, which has become accessible than ever before.

Here are some marketing trends, and techniques, technology marketers can use.

Let’s take a look at what’s new and what’s next!! 

1. Social Media Stories Become a domain for marketing strategy

We know the Instagram and Facebook stories have been introduced, as “My Story” features and then the Youtube presented their own story format as REELS. So, with the emergence of these social tactics, the users can create the stories on the spot, make videos, with a less polished but can have a more authentic look. These kinds of features have one thing in common, i.e when the users put the stories, it disappears after a period of time which is set as 24 hours, in general.

However, this can provide an opportunity for marketers as they can make better use of (FOMO), i.e, fear of missing out. The benefits of using social media stories can be:

  • It increases brand awareness
  • Provides constant engagement with the followers, 
  • It is more cost-effective
  • Increases traffic to the web page
  • In addition to all these, it also provides an opportunity to attract younger audiences.

Consider adding polls to your stories its best to engage your audience, with the polls.

Consider asking a question, give your audience to select one from two, and ask them to pole it. This tool is useful enough to build anticipation around any kind of event.

At times, it happens that your audience uses the stories to find your business, for instance, on Instagram, the location search has a story icon, through which the users can view the recent stories.

Make use of hashtags, as these are trending, has can drive user traffic to a particular destination to learn more.

These are some trending social media ways to get your product recognized locally.

2. Creating Content Experiences through Interactive Content

What do we know about content experiences? Well, I would say a combination of content and context. We all know content matters, it has the ability to generate the experience and it can be good as well as bad!! Through the components like design, placement, environment and much more we can influence our target audience.

Let's take an example of coke, using the names on the bottles with the user's name and their friends and relatives name on their bottle has created a magnificent marketing strategy. The consumers started posting pictures of their personalized drinks throughout one very social media platform, and this is how this marketing-campaign became viral.

The users were attracted to the idea of personalizing drinks and how the company created a way to engage their target audience.

The content experience is all about providing an amazing end-user experience by engaging your audience through the content.

So, think holistically as a marketer, a crucial part of considering your marketing trend for 2020.

3. The emergence of More advanced Technology

Starting from the introduction of 5G on smartphones, AI advancements, voice and connected TV's and the consumer engagement with ads would be transformed in the coming years.

With the emergence of 5G technology, we will soon witness how consumer access and make use of the content, and this trend is surely going to be popular globally.

We will have a better personalization in the digital videos through amazingly emerging AI tech advancements. Following this, since the people are adopting Alexa, and this number is increasing day by day, the voice search smart speakers will continue to increase, and the developers will continue to work to improve the accuracy of the same.

Moreover, the customers can better interact with the ads through the advancements in TVs and over the top media (OTT).

4. Chatbots, a way to interact with the businesses

Chatbots are nowadays used in many organizations and they will continue using it, as these chatbots are an effective software program that is helpful in interacting with the businesses, visitors, and customers. Chatbots have the ability to communicate with the customers in real-time and moreover, they can ask questions as well, as chatbots can answer them effectively.

To help the web users find the information they are looking for, chatbots make use of verbal interactions or at times chat windows.

Chatbots are extremely cost-effective as well as they are able to answer the questions on your behalf. And ultimately, the customers appreciate any kind of personalized services offered to them.

Chatbots, a way to interact with the businesses

Chatbots offer some additional advantages in digital marketing-

  • Time-Saving:-

    Chatbots answers all kinds of questions in no time. And the customer is able to make the decision quick with faster responses.

  • Customer satisfaction:-

    Automatically working, the chatbots need no time to rest. It provides all kind of information right on the tip of the customer. By responding accurately, it increases sales conversions.

  • Good-humour:-

    Unlike humans, the chatbot is not moody. There are no complaints regarding biased, unbiased, clear or unclear. It is informative and hence makes your customers feel at ease.

5. Private Messaging Apps gaining popularity

Since it is almost 2020, so it is estimated that many companies will focus more on private messaging apps utilization. Mobile apps like WhatsApp or WeChat have already gained popularity all over the world and focusing more on using private apps, as well as using private messaging groups instead of Emails.

Private Messaging Apps gaining popularity

Some brands are already started monetizing the private messaging apps, and the time is not very far, where the customers would soon pay directly through messaging apps online for the products they preferred to buy.

The apps, for instance, WeChat has already integrated payment functionality for the users to pay via app online easily.

6. Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise

Artificial Intelligence functions exactly the way it sounds, that is the modern machines and robots having an ability to function as humans. To find and respond to the answers in one go, the AI make use of the features like chatbots and voice assistants.

Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise

The voice assistants, for instance, Alexa and Siri, proven to be successful in providing significant customer care.

However, the robots make the use of sensors and human inputs to gather data and the information, and this will automatically improve the end-user experience.


There have been a lot of advancement, changes and updates taking place in the Search Engine industry. However, the changes were seen in the search algorithms which has constantly affected the user's search results.

The aim of a search engine is to guide users so that they can find the information they are looking for conveniently, and to respond to the queries of the users in real-time.

Hence, the quality of the search results in the coming 2020 seems to improve.

8. Social influencer marketing

People who have hundreds of thousands of millions of followers on social media platforms are considered as internet celebs (celebrities). And are also considered to be as internet influencer. And guess what? There are a number of people like this, as in internet influencers. But, as we are about to witness 2020, the companies are shifting their focus on the people who have less number of followers to leverage them as influencers on any social media platform, that too with a voice they have faith on.

Influencer marketing has become more personalized nowadays. Because of its authenticity, as shown by linkedIn, 92 percent people give importance to what other consumer has recommended! Over any kind of corporate advertisement.

9. Video Marketing

Video marketing has shared a major part of digital marketing in 2019 and this will continue to rise. As shown by the video advertising spend report and as estimated by the marketers the digital budget increases around 25 per cent year by year. And this report can be explained through the viewing habits of the customers.

It is to be noted that, 74 per cent of the U.S audience weekly starting from 13 years old and above binge-watch, video stream and 41% daily watch stream or online videos.

Further, consumers will watch 78% of digital videos or advertising in exchange for free content. Also, viewers pay close attention to education or any kind of influential ads.

Let’s take adding video thing in your social media content seriously. Consider adding these videos in your social media platforms and on your sites. For instance, there are chances that live videos on facebook and live videos on Instagram are watched 3x longer.


In an operating business, it is very essential to have the knowledge and stay updated about the recent ongoing marketing trends to stay on the top.

Need help putting together the above-mentioned marketing strategies in order to meet the trends of the future?

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