You know the virtual environment is comprised of several moving components when you work in digital marketing. You can increase exposure and organic traffic through SEO and you can create a brand through your social media presence. Marketing automation ensures a more customized commitment that can also save you time. You can boost the ranking of your brand on the search engine results pages by handling PPC (pay-per-click) or also use Google ads for intelligent bidding.

There is something that needs to be mastered in the digital marketing world today, and these emerging tools, strategies, and algorithm changes to Google continues to evolve. It does not operate on the same thing in 2020, as in 2018, or 2019. Digital marketers must keep up with these developments to achieve the best outcomes for consumers. When we reach the end of 2020, there is no better time than now to reflect on the kinds of trends that can best attract and serve consumers in the years to come.

It is important to be aware of the developments in the industry and stay aware of digital marketing trends. If you are an eCommerce app development company, then you must keep yourself aware of the digital marketing trends. In this article, we address five popular trends in digital marketing in the business world:

1. Social Media as a Tool of Marketing

Social networking is an increasingly valuable marketing tool for digital marketers, and this is because prospects, clients, and viewers invest so much of their time on these networks. Worldwide, social media users spend on social networks an average of 135 minutes a day, and each year time increases. Moreover, people no longer use social media to link up with friends and relatives, but rather to study goods and services and communicate with brands.

That is, your rivals can take advantage of the opportunity if you don't relate to your audience and your opportunities on social media. So that several small businesses hop into the social media marketing bandwagon, and in 2020 more than half of the organizations must be planning to use Facebook to gain new customers to stay ahead in the market and uplift your business.

2. Use Voice Strategy

Voice communication is one of the simplest and the most common styles of human interaction, so it should not be shocking that when communicating with technology and their favorite devices, people often choose to use voice. Indeed, most customers now use voice assistants in connection with smartphones. Organizations that wish to continue to be important will have to adjust to conventional Internet searches, which makes it a priority for small organizations to establish a voice search strategy.

One important element of every comprehensive voice strategy is to optimize your content using the keywords commonly seen in voice searches, including long-tail keywords, words like best and prices, keywords in command and question formats as well as keywords that answer your customer's questions.

3. Live Video Marketing<

The fact that video is so entertaining, and is expected that most of the internet users will start making use of live video. Live video makes it a push for digital marketing for a long time. But video marketing is not stagnant and people still find new ways to reach viewers with video. Two of the famous upward trends right now are branded and live video. With advertised content, marketers can benefit from all the advantages that videos can provide.

People are highly involved in the live video, they can provide plenty of details in a short time, increase conversion levels, and make it more enticing than plain text. Live video is a little new in the trend, but it is rapidly becoming a popular form of content for consumers. For one particular explanation, many advertisers shy away from producing video content: it has a reputation for being costly to create. Creating video content, however, doesn't always have to be costly.

4. High-Quality Content

Content is the currency of digital marketing, and while certain basic content types probably still exist, new content types are emerging from time to time which is briefly revolutionizing people's needs. For example, interactive content is a rising trend that enables the viewer to actively engage with brands. Another new form of content-generating waves is expiring content.

Expiring content may be influenced by the Paradigm Snapchat, in which snapshots can be removed only after 24 hours. Content expiry functions in much the same way, only a short duration is available until the site is deleted. This is interesting because it generates a sense of urgency and exclusivity and since people don't want to miss something, they would try even more to find the content.

5. Mixing Digital With Substantial

Digital may be the way of today and the future, but it will never truly succeed – there are still customers who love to shop in the brick and mortar shops, so there are still so many physical places for companies. Modern customers want more in-store shopping than ever. However, customers also want to mix the digital experience with the physical experience.

As a result, many enterprises have begun adopting technologies that allow them to interact digitally with consumers, who are physically present in their vicinity. Companies are using Beacon technology for this way of marketing. When a company uses Beacon, the Beacon will send signals to mobile devices, such as push alerts or time-sensitive coupons, into a certain geographical area.


Small, medium or corporate businesses need to focus on best practices in digital marketing. Conclude after getting to know where you are distributing your services. The results can only be reached by digital marketing in 2020 if you are successful and loud enough. You don't go back foot for the second time because your competitors took the space. Going backward will act as a final nail in the coffin for your business.

Not all new media need to be attempted simultaneously. Plan your content, campaigns and demographics focused on your audience. Discuss it with experts and rely on statistics to guide you. Having a dedicated digital marketing team sounds perfect but it will be better to outsource digital marketing services, rather than increasing the cost of your overall production.