Are you wondering what are text editors?

Text editors are software’s that just change the way you write text on your documents. So, what about stuff that is already written. Don’t worry! They can even change written articles into many different types of styles and fonts. This means you don’t have to worry about making the same boring files as the rest of the people. You have the option to choose the best style you can think of and apply that to your work. 

So how many are there?

A lot, there are an endless amount of options and text styles to choose from. Some of the basic options are present in Microsoft word as Times New Roman or Calibri fonts to name a few. We can use these plain text editors for official documents. But if you want to use a text editor for making unique party Invites or home decorations the internet is your answer. There is a huge amount of free online text editors on the internet. So, the question is now which one to Choose? It's easy just keep reading the article and we will point you towards the best online text editors out there.

Wondering Text Editors

How to use them?

It's a simple process. You just take the sentences or data you want to change and input it on the webpages and select the font you want it to look like. The online webpages will convert the data in that particular font and provide a capable version you can use in word files, pdf, or images to make them look even better. Think of them as a WordPad online that has multiple text options. Easy isn’t it!

So, how will you know which one you should use?

There are so many with many different font styles so we made a list that covers most font styles. Just so you don’t have to search each webpage like a manic for the font you want. We should also mention that some websites are not on the list but they can act like online text checkers along with online plain text editor making them essential to check your text before submitting. 

Not to mention!

Each online text editor on the list is completely free so you can use them anytime without any worries. Finally, which online text editors are the Best to use for free here they are:



This webpage provides an easy to use interface with many font styles to choose from. It does a great job of providing samples of each font style so that you know exactly which style you want to use on your projects. It’s a great webpage to use for editing video captions or party invites to friends. Those are just the ones they have integrated on the webpage. If you still don’t like any of the styles of the webpage

Don’t worry!

They provide create the font options that give you control to create a font that is just what you imagined.



This is quite special because it is very good at creating fonts that are in other languages. You can write a sentence in English and the webpage will convert it into Japanese, Chinese, Korean whatever your selected language is. Not only that you can use the text editor and make the converted font into more cool shapes and styles. It can be used to make a very appealing nickname or catchphrase.

Not only that!

You can even try out many unique fonts ideas to make people guess what are you writing like upside-down font and cartoon font. To sum it up it’s a great webpage or edgy design fonts

Online Text Editor

This online plain text editor is a simple looking webpage but don’t let that fool you it was one of the best option selections on the list. It has such a wide variety of font styles that range from both alphabetical font styles to graphical font styles. It even has an option to use images or pictures to use with the text. So, it has multiple avenues for font creation and combinations. This makes the font selection only limited by the user’s imagination

What next

Well, the webpage has an option that allows users to check out font styles that are very common in other art forms like graffiti or tattoos. You can even experiment with Arabic style fonts. That is just the beginning as more fonts should be added in the coming times.



This last webpage on the list focuses more on font style creation then pre-generated font styles. So, the users are encouraged to use the resources on the webpage to make any combination of fonts that they like. It contains basic font palates to choose from and then you can model fonts to your liking. It is one of the more unique options for online text editors as most of them have pages of listed fonts to choose from and that can be a tad boring at times.

But with this type of webpage

The whole dynamic is flipped you create your font style and that makes users keep a keen interest in the webpage which is great for everyone. So do give it a try for the fun of it and you won’t be disappointed.


Font selection and text edition are very subjective as you might like a font that someone else doesn’t like. These selections of webpages let you do many things such as pick a font that you like or make one if you don’t agree with any of the premade ones. These allow for more creative freedom than most offline test editors. This makes them unique and fun to play with. Finally, just experiment with them and keep what every font you end up liking.