What’s the one thing you need if you want to build and run a successful business online? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the answer: a great website, obviously! A well-built site can make the difference between a thriving business and a failed online venture. If you’re dreaming about attracting more potential customers, making them buy your products and services and turning them into loyal clients, know that a good website can do all that and more.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, you might be wondering how exactly one can build such a powerful and performant website. It surely takes a lot of knowledge and tech skills for it, some might think. It doesn’t! Nowadays, creating a professional site doesn’t involve hiring a team of expert web developers or working with complicated digital tools that you have no idea how to use. In fact, you don’t have to be tech savvy at all. Now you can create a simple yet effective site with ClickFunnels by yourself.

What is ClickFunnels?

Those who have already heard about ClickFunnels might raise a questioning eyebrow. Isn’t this tool meant for building sales funnels? It is, indeed, but it can also help you build different types of websites to suit your business needs.

If you’ve never heard of ClickFunnels, allow us to make the introductions: ClickFunnels is a website and sales funnel builder, specifically designed to make life easier for entrepreneurs, allowing them to create amazing landing pages, manage the entire sales process effectively and grow their online business. It requires zero programming, coding or design skills and provides a hassle-free alternative to traditional website building. It’s like having a web development, marketing and sales team into one.

If it can do all that for you, it must cost a fortune, right? Wrong again. If you take into account all the benefits it provides, ClickFunnels is far from being an expensive software. Of course there are cheaper options on the market, but none of them will offer such a complete solution for your business. There are various pricing plans you can opt for, depending on your requirements:

Standard Plan – it costs you $97 per month and gives you access to 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 custom domains, 1 sub-user, and 3 payment gateways. Apart from that, you’ll also have chat support and enjoy access to the Funnel Hacker Forum.

Platinum Plan – for $297 per month you’ll get access to unlimited funnels, sales pages and landing pages. What’s more, you’ll be able to build your email list within ClickFunnels, so you can forget about using a separate tool for that task.

The Collective Plan – you’ll pay $1,497 per month, but you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck, meaning you’ll have unlimited funnels and pages, 27 custom domains, special training, priority support and VIP phone support. Basically, you’ll get the royal treatment all around.

There’s also a free 14 days trial you can try before you commit to any of the plans. Of course, it’s always recommended to do a thorough research beforehand and learn more about the cost of ClickFunnels to be sure you’re making a wise investment and choose the best plan for you.

Why is it so popular?

If it’s still not obvious why ClickFunnels has gained such a large popularity in such a short period of time, we’ll go further into details and list the most important benefits here:

  • ClickFunnels is extremely easy to use, even for those who have no technical skills and knowledge. Setting up a sales funnel can be a complicated process, but ClickFunnels provides you with a simple solution, so you can have your sales funnels up and running in no time.
  • Since ClickFunnels offers so much flexibility and provides a wide variety of professionally designed templates and web page elements, you can customize and modify your pages to meet your specific needs. In addition, thanks to the ClickFunnels bonus offers, you can gain access to pre-built landing pages, templates, email sequences, graphic design software, and more.
  • ClickFunnels is an all-in-one solution, allowing you to create amazing pages and develop sales funnels quick and easy, making it a great time-saver.
  • It provides excellent support, free training and webinars to help you understand all the features and guide you through the process of setting up sales funnels step by step.
  • It has an awesome affiliate program, so you can earn additional income.
  • It has SSL certification, ensuring your website is protected.
  • It gives you the possibility to track sales funnels performance, conversions and sales.

How can it help you build a website?

Assuming we’ve made our point, let’s move on to website building, or more precisely how you can build a site the smart way with ClickFunnels. We’ll take it step by step.

  • The first thing you should do is evidently to sign up with ClickFunnels. Choose the plan that suits your needs and get ready to be amazed.
  • Start building the website:
    • use funnel templates and load them into you ClickFunnels account
    • add the funnel to your domain (if you already have one) or get your domain with ClickFunnels
    • name your pages
    • add more pages if you consider it necessary
    • set up the menu
    • add the menu you’ve created to all your pages
    • redirect your domain to your home page
    • personalize your pages by adding text, images, products, videos and play with design elements to customize the website and make it look the way you want
  • Go live, let the word know you exist and start drawing customers to your business.

There you have it! You’ve built a website from scratch, without racking your brains or spending ages to have it up and running, and most importantly without hiring a team of experts to help you. Your site will attract more visitors than a traditional website and also make them take action, so now you are ready to grow your online business and start making money.