On the surface, designing a website might seem easy, but this is not the case if you have a specific purpose in mind for it. When designing a site for promoting apps in any capacity, for example, there are considerations that you need to keep in mind if you want to make the most of your time and effort. You can get more info with regards to web design essentials later, but for now, let’s get into the essentials of app website designs.

Before delving into the specifics, however, it’s worth stressing the point that designing a website for apps can be wildly different compared to when designing a website for an entirely different goal. The aspects that you will need to focus on will not be the same and there will be some instances when you will need to exclude certain practices that you might have otherwise placed emphasis on.

The Website Design Differences

For some context with regards to the differences in website functionality when taking the purpose into consideration, everything comes down to what the focus should be. For example, most blogs that feature written content will put the featured contents in large boxes on the front page or list them in order of most recent posts in the blog page. In contrast, websites that feature videos might favour a gallery-type presentation.

This applies to websites that are made to draw attention to apps or an app, as well. There needs to be an understanding of what you need to accomplish. You can visit here to get a better understanding of this.

App Website Design Variations

Just as different websites with different focus points will have their discrepancies, the same goes for the goals with regards to app sites. That is to say, a website that is intended to feature multiple apps will naturally be different to a website that is meant for only one app. The way the website is designed will be completely different in what will be given emphasis.

This is worth taking into consideration when making the design, especially if the project is part of a larger campaign. You have to remember that every part of the campaign supports each other and any weakness will compromise the whole enterprise. You can click us to get a better perspective on this matter.

The Apps are the Star

You have to remember that whether you are making a website for multiple apps or just one app, you have to make them the star. This means that nothing should overshadow the apps in terms of the attention of the visitors. The moment a user arrives on the website, their eyes should be directed at the app or apps that you are trying to feature.

This is usually done by placing the app front and center on the home page. The other images and text boxes would then be arrange in such a manner as to highlight the app through their sizes, colors, backgrounds, or headlines. This is just something that is common sense for any competent web designer.

Customize to Suit App Type

So, the differences in the kind of website and the kind of app website have already been noted. Now, the focus will be on the different types of apps that will be featured. As you might already know, there are different kinds of apps that come with different functionality and connections. There are the apps that are extensions of products or services that are sold or downloaded separately, for example. There are also apps that stand entirely on their own.

These difference will play a role in how the website is designed in terms of the images used, the colors employed, and the general theme that you will choose. If the app you are designing the website for is for streaming videos, for example, it would be very odd for visitors if the website is designed as if it was for a mobile game app.

Convenience is Key

Since you already went through the trouble of designing a website to suit your app’s requirements, you might as well go all the way and give visitors a reason to stick around. One of the ways to do this is by making your website’s functionality as convenient as possible. Do not make your visits jump through hoops just to download the app. The hassle is only going to result in them abandoning the site.

Be Mobile Friendly

Finally, this goes without saying, but you should design your website to be mobile friendly. That is to say, when visitors look at your website using through smartphones, they should not have to struggle to see the contents or the various command buttons. There are now more people who surf the web using their mobile devices compared to computers.