The entire world is going through unavoidable turmoil that occurs due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Businesses, world economies, jobs, and life of people all are at stake.

After facing the hardship, every sector is trying hard to recover from the jolt given by the pandemic and lockdown. On the contrary, if we talk about the mobile app development industry, it is playing to its strength. The innovations are keeping the industry thriving.

So, if you are wondering how to hire the best mobile app development company USA during this COVID-19 situation, then do not miss any point below, because we are going to discuss all in detail.

But, before that go through these few stats that will give you a closer look at some interesting trends:

  • According to Sensor Tower, an app intelligence firm, consumer spending on mobile apps will reach $171 billion by 2024, which was recorded at $85 billion from 2019.
  • In a report by App Annie, in the first quarter of the year, people spent 20% more time using apps than in the year 2019.
  • During this time, mobile app users spent $23 billion in app stores.

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers During Covid-19 Situation

Mobile Application Industry, as stated above, is one of the least affected industries. It is because people get more dependent on mobile apps to order their daily essentials and to do their day to day tasks.

From food ordering to binge-watching Netflix, and from banking transactions to official meetings and studies, for everything, we require a mobile app, especially today, more than ever.

Be it a mobile app development company in the USA or, at any other place, there are plenty of growth opportunities available to cultivate.

So if you are planning to invest in mobile application development 2020, you must be wondering how to hire dedicated mobile app developers.

Draw a Perfectly Outlined Document

These are desperate times and in order to successfully make sure you don’t rush into mobile app development. Make a clear proposal right before the beginning of the project. In this way, you would know about your requirements in terms of manpower, toolset, and work delivery as well.

Robust Screening

Screening the background and capabilities of the mobile app development company is important as well as a daunting task. As during this Covid-19 situation, most of the companies are working remotely, it becomes quite hard to check the required details.

Therefore, it is imperative to conduct a thorough screening process before you hire a mobile app development company. Ask about pricing, development process, communication mode, and legal matters like IP ownership, confidentiality, the structure of payment, etc.

Set Mode of Communication

Hiring a remotely working mobile app development company during the Covid-19 outbreak is a quite challenging task because there could be communication glitches. These glitches could arise due to any reason viz. different time zones, language barriers, developers’ occupancy, etc.

Thus, make sure you have a strategized communication strategy so that the development process could proceed brilliantly.

Set Timeline

While you hire a mobile app development company during this time, it is essential to set the roadmap, which will help you define the extent and the timeline of the project. Set a timeline of project development at every stage.

Cost of Development

Time and cost are the two most important aspects of any project. Hire a mobile app developer that will fit within your budget. Do not let the price factor hamper the mobile app development process. The cost of development varies according to the experience & expertise of mobile app developers, features you want to include, platforms (Android/iOS), technology stack, etc.

The Requisites to Hire Mobile App Development Company

Here is the consolidated list of all the attributes which you should consider before you hire mobile app developers in the USA or in India.

  • Make sure you check out the background thoroughly.
  • Ask for the portfolio or any other published work.
  • Always discuss the development process before sealing a deal.
  • Know the team with which you will work. Know their strength & skills.
  • Ensure your app published on app stores gets maximum exposure & downloads.
  • Ensure the ownership of the code before deal signing.
  • Make sure the UX approach is user-centric.
  • Always ask for post-application development services.

Top Mobile App Development Ideas That Make You Successful During Covid-19 Crisis

Social distancing is the new normal in the present time. Thus, it is essential to understand in which industry and in what type of mobile app, a company should invest. It will safeguard the concept of social distancing and also ensure everyone’s safety.

Here are listed the most prominent industries:

Education Industry – Students have started spending more time on educational applications. Near to 67% of companies in the US are offering mobile learning through mobile apps.

Healthcare Industry – During this pandemic time, the health-centric mobile apps are enjoying a notable increase in demand.

Entertainment Industry – During the lockdown, various entertainment apps became the ultimate tool to mitigate boredom. Hence, comes the potential of different entertainment apps like video streaming apps, music streaming apps, karaoke apps, etc.

On Demand Industry – The on-demand mobile apps emerged as a boon during the lockdown and are still performing great while the outbreak of pandemic is still prevailing. On-demand grocery delivery apps, healthcare apps, education apps, etc. are some of the major on-demand solutions that thrived.

E-Commerce Industry – The trend of online shopping has reached to the next level during lockdown and pandemic. People prefer online shopping because there is an option of contactless deliveries, have multiple choices, provide quick & convenient shopping experience, promote hygiene, improved customer satisfaction, and more revenue generation.


That being said, we hope that now you are well-prepared and well-informed to hire a mobile app development company with all the confidence. The crises occurred due to Covid-19 leading us all to the new normal. We don’t know till when we have to maintain social distancing. But, there’s one thing for sure, that now with all being discussed above, you can choose the best mobile app development company with a much clearer view.