There are a lot of aspects every successful eCommerce business has in common, such as a well-designed website, high-quality products, and great customer service. If you want to have a successful eCommerce business, you can put in the effort into building one or just buy an eCommerce website from website broker.

But if you’re ready to put in the effort, you need to realize that, for a profitable eCommerce store, you always need to work on customer satisfaction. Without your customers, you would never be able to make a profit with your business, so you need to take care of them.

Here are some proven ways that can help you improve eCommerce customer satisfaction.

Write amazing product pages

A surprising number of eCommerce websites don’t have complete and reliable product pages. Website visitors are less likely to convert to customers if they don’t find the product page satisfying.

Some of the things you need to include in your product pages are:

  • Complete description. No matter what you’re selling, a complete description of the product is necessary. Good copywriting is important in product descriptions, so you should specify what the product is and how it can improve the lives or solve a problem of the people who purchase it.
  • Specifications. To avoid any confusion or false advertising, write out all necessary specifications such as the material the product is made of, the exact measurements, and all the different colors it comes in. If your business sells gadgets, make sure to include all vital technical specifications as well.
  • Gallery. Ecommerce stores depend on their galleries to provide website visitors with a clear picture of what they can expect from their products. All images must be high-quality, show the products from all angles, and include all different colors the product comes in.
  • Tutorials. If a product you’re selling requires instructions, post a video tutorial that explains how to use it step by step. If you don’t have the means to make a video, include a complete manual with instructions.

Include customer reviews and testimonials


One of the biggest reasons why customers can’t decide whether or not they want to buy a product is lack of trust. While your marketing team might be working hard on creating the perfect content for your business and products, some customers need more convincing.

You’ve probably noticed by now that most eCommerce stores display customer reviews and testimonials on their websites, and there’s a good reason for that. People trust the opinion of other customers more than the company’s words, and 88% of consumers say reviews influence their online purchasing decisions.

The reason for this is social proof. If you display reviews and testimonials, you are giving your website visitors social proof that a lot of previous customers see your business as trustworthy.

If you include testimonials, not only will you increase your sales but also improve customer satisfaction, as they will find it easier to trust your business. As long as your reviews and testimonials are attention-grabbing, they will prove to your customers why they need to purchase your products.

Focus on customer retention

A satisfied customer is a returned customer. Customer retention is an essential part of any eCommerce business that cares about customer satisfaction and it almost guarantees long-term success. If you want your customers to stick around, you need to give them a good reason.

There are many different customer retention strategies that will improve customer satisfaction. Some of them include:

  • Reward programs. A lot of successful businesses offer a reward program to their loyal customers. They have a simple but powerful premise. If a customer joins this program, they get perks or rewards if they fulfill criteria such as spending a certain amount of money.
  • Referral programs. The latest sales statistics have shown that 92% of consumers place their faith in product or service referrals from individuals they know. This makes referral programs another great tool that improves customer satisfaction and increases your profit at the same time.
  • Welcome campaigns. Some customer retention strategies can be applied to new customers, and that’s exactly what welcome campaigns are for. They give new customers an incentive to make a new purchase while also making them feel appreciated and valued.

Provide excellent customer service

All of your efforts to improve customer satisfaction will be in vain if you don’t have great customer service. In fact, 93% of customers are likely to shop from a business again if they offer excellent customer service.

Here is how you can improve your customer service so every customer is satisfied after their interaction with your company:

  • Have fast responses. Customers are expecting a fast and sometimes immediate response to their question or issue, and it’ your job to provide them with it. To achieve this, you need to have a well-organized and responsible team that will keep track of all communication channels.
  • Be omnipresent on multiple channels. Technological advancement provided us with a large number of channels of communication. If you want to have great customer service, use as many of these channels as you can, such as email, telephone, social media, website chat, etc.
  • Ask for feedback. Show customers that you’re always ready to listen to their comments and improve your service by asking for feedback. Don’t be afraid of criticism, as it can help you improve and grow your company in ways you might not have thought of.
  • Provide proactive support. A good customer service team will provide proactive support by looking out for issues before they even occur or escalate into bigger problems. This is called proactive support and it’s a great way to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • End all calls appropriately. Even though you need to have a fast response time, don’t rush to finish with one customer just so you can open the line for the next. Always finish the call by thanking them for calling and asking if they need assistance with anything else.

Keep the checkout process simple


A lot of businesses don’t consider the checkout process to be a big part of customer satisfaction. However, a large percentage of cart abandonment and a big reason for frustration among customers is an overly-complicated checkout process.

Here is how you can simplify the process:

  • Remove all distractions. Once a website visitor is on this page, they are already prepared to convert to a customer. However, if you include distractions such as featured boxes, sidebars, and pop-ups to your checkout page they might change their mind and abandon their cart.
  • Avoid surprise checkout charges. Always be upfront and honest with your customers about all charges. Don’t surprise them with unexpected shipping delivery charges while they’re checking out. To avoid this, always display these charges clearly on the product page.
  • Don’t force registration on customers. While there are some appropriate places to ask customers for registration, the checkout page is not one of them. Instead, give customers the option to register but also allow them to make their purchase as a guest.
  • Include multiple payment options. While credit cards are still the most popular payment option for online shoppers, they aren’t the only method. Some prefer to pay with debit cards or PayPal, so make sure to establish a secure paying system with as many payment options as possible.

Final thoughts

It’s important to remember that you depend on your customers – not the other way around. Every serious eCommerce store owner knows that customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons for their success, so they put in a lot of effort in keeping customers happy.

As long as you follow the simple tips you’ve just read about, you will undoubtedly improve customer satisfaction, and have a large number of loyal customers that will always come back to your store.