Digital marketers and content writers will agree that for 2020 their annual plans have seen significant changes. The year can be divided into three parts: Before pandemic, during the pandemic, and post-pandemic. Throughout the article, the terms 'Post pandemic' or 'Post-COVID' are used for the starting of 2021. During this period, mostly all countries have or will have resumed their normal activities with certain precautions.

Since the start of 2020, we know that now content marketing at every level needs to be backed with relevant images and videos for better effectiveness. Firms are investing money, while content writers invest hours in getting their process right, but every year brings few changes with it. Google is the reason why content strategies need to be revised from time to time. Due to it's changing, evolving, and dynamic algorithm, the content needs to be revamped, optimized, or new content has to be created.

Improve Content Experience of Your Website

Content shall satisfy the user by answering questions. It should be drawn upon users' needs and requirements. Every time you start writing for a website or a blog, consider three things:

  • Who is going to read this blog?
  • What is the primary question I am answering?
  • What are the related questions to it?

When you cover these points, you know the language, tone, points, and even the style of writing to be used. In some cases (mainly websites), it is essential to understand the demographics and social media habits of potential readers.

When it comes to social media, the approach needs to be broader. Remember: Social media is to reach, but the website is to convert.

There's a growing trend and demand for sharing personalized content. This type of content also acts as a direct seller because it makes the readers feel that the direct answers to their queries are being given. 

Go Niche

There are hundreds of websites and social media accounts offering almost the same to similar things. Going different won't work, but going deeper into exactly what, where, how, and to whom you are selling will.

When you do this, the extra efforts to push rank or increase followers will not be that tedious. Your keywords, posts, SEO, and content guidelines will be as such that they attract precisely whom you are trying to sell. This can also be taken as an extension of personalization and customization of content as per consumer demand.

The reason niche marketing is growing is that it gives a clear target and filters the strategies to reach that target market. Even in content marketing, it is the same; all your competitors are doing it, so when you target a specific group, you can satisfy them better, and later grow your market(s). (Note: Satisfied readers/users always share the post, website, blog, or more ahead)

User-Generated Content

The user-generated content has proved to be useful in B2C as well as B2B business models. Examples?

  • Smartphones companies sharing the images clicked by users through their phones.
  • Automobile companies are sharing vlogs and travel videos of their consumers.
  • A blogging website sharing blogs from its professional readers.

Such examples shouldn't be confused with hiring an influencer. This point only means sharing the content that an ordinary user-generated while using their product or service. Often there's no payment involved for the same, but seeking their permission before sharing is essential.

The user-generated content gives consumers a sense of reliability and builds trust for the brand's products and services. On the business end, when consumers are motivated to share and post such content, they are acting as influencers, while brands receive free content to share by seeking their permission.

Using General Conversation To Optimize For Voice Search

Individuals already have the habit of using smart products, which also have voice programs and controls rather. The SEO and content shall be optimized for voice search.

One simple trick for this is to read your content out loud. Does it sound like a conversation or a full-sentence that a consumer might use while voice searching?

Voice search is a growing trend as smart products are witnessing increasing demand. Still, this aspect of content marketing is a bit futuristic, but optimizing your website for the same will have you prepared in advance.

Long-tailed keywords are the best way to prepare for the same. These phrases often use shorter keywords, so it's a win-win situation until voice search becomes normal. Like 'Optimize for Voice search' can be replaced with 'Using general conversation to optimize for voice search'

The longer keywords will have low monthly searches, but if you break them down, they have the shorter keyword(s) as well!

More The Content Is Concise The Better

The budding content writers always shall be counseled for the same. Experienced writers know how concise your content benefits, and it's only going to be more beneficial in the future. Users tend to be more influenced by images and videos; this has also shaped their preferences towards concise text.

Don't interpret this as shortening your content. 'To concise is to be precise!' This means having content in small paragraphs or explaining the whole concept by touching every point of it, but through short sentences and the necessary phrases.

Today nobody has the time or wants to go through lengthy paragraphs! Individuals want to have the necessary information and keep going. The post content, website content, or any other category, shall be explained in minimum words without compromising its meaning.

Readers are smarter than ever. They'll know when you are trying to increase the word length unnecessarily.

Bonus Tips

The following are three aspects you shall include in your plan, no matter what.

Google Snippets

Google snippets now have been here for a while, and many content writers and digital marketers are already planning to achieve it. They are the search result in the rectangle box just below the search bar. Because of this position, they are also known as ‘Position Zero’ in digital marketing terminology.

The fact that snippet(s) are placed above the ADs is why they are so beneficial. But reaching that place is not an easy task. For that, your content must be strictly informative, factual, formal, and detailed. It needs to be optimized with a combination of keywords. Content shall not be promotional as well.

Overall, if your content provides useful information, answers the big and small questions around the main topic, and is written in an informative yet brief form, there are high chances that you reach the snippet feat.


We all know that these features are for Instagram! Reels is a recently launched feature of the app and has already gained a reputation for reaching a wider audience compared to posts and stories. Using this feature can significantly boost your reach and lead to an increase in your engagement.

In B2C segments, Reels will surely add to the popularity of your social media account, and you'll be perceived as a creative and trendy brand. The reason why this 15 seconds format is receiving so much appreciation is that as we mentioned above, the content needs to be precise and also engaging.

Video Streams

Apart from words, there has been a rise in demand for visual content as well. Besides social media, even Google has launched a Google Discover option, which supports a query with less and more visual content. The Youtube Videos, Insta IGTV, and video stream on the website attract viewers' attention like anything.

The videos can be informational interviews, about the company, or even just a casual update by the company. Many marketing agencies are suggesting that brands should invest in visual content more as they are the future. Going live on social media is also an option that brands can exploit to be perceived as interactive and trendy.

Marketing is an ever-evolving and ever-growing business aspect. It is as dynamic as it can get, so all the sub-aspects like digital marketing, content marketing, and more have the same nature. With the shifts and changes in this year, content markers need to realize the importance of being adaptive and open to change. Due to pandemic, in almost every country, there's an increased acceptance of e-commerce activities. Aspects like digital marketing and content marketing will surely be the most effective marketing tool for digital marketers and businesses. They have a broader scope for personalization and customization as well. So brands can connect with consumers in the best way possible.