A website is a doorway for your visitors as it allows them to know about your business and buy from you. Hence, you need to have a functionally good website while maintaining the creativity of it. So, for this, a website should be crafted and designed in a way that not only provides the visitors with relevant information which they intend to seek but also makes it easier for them to move around and navigate. No matter how beautifully designed your website is, it can all go in vain if the website doesn’t provide the visitors with ample direction to be able to purchase from you. This is because sales are the ultimate goal at the end of the day for any business. Therefore, it is very important to get right with all the elements of the website or to hire a web design and development company that can create a business website for you which ultimately generates leads and increase ROI. So, when it comes to getting conversions, an effective call-to-action is the key. 

Because a call-to-action is a command or action phrase that directs the user to take action and make the purchase. This is typically mentioned on the website as ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ and if the CTA is not clearly located and directed, there are high chances that the user might get confused and end up buying nothing and bounce. As a result, this can increase the bounce rate of the website which directly affects the conversion rate and gradually decreases the sales. But how can you know that your call-to-action is apt for your website? Well, there are few ways that can help you write the best quality call-to-action that can live up to the expectations of your business. Let us have a better understanding by discussing these ways one by one. 

Top Tips To Write Killer CTA ( Call To Action )

1. Use words that promote actions

Use words that promote actions

The call-to-action should ideally be short and crisp in order to catch the attention of the visitor. Hence, it should always start with action words because that helps visitors to know what to do next. So, it has to be as clear as "Click here", "Subscribe" and "Buy Now" so that the visitors are well-informed about where to go and what to do next. Whereas if the CTA is labeled in a way that doesn't provoke enthusiasm in the visitor's mind, it is most likely that he will leave the page without buying anything from you. So, make sure that you make it creative and thought-provoking with words like "Now", "Free" and "Bargain". Therefore, you need to make sure that the CTA should talk in the customer's favor focussing on their advantages, profit, and rewards. Because that is the only way the customer will prompt to purchase the product and this will eventually lead to increased sales.

2. Give the audience a reason to take immediate action

Another very crucial aspect of a good call-to-action is that it should give the customer a reason to take immediate action. Because when customers visit a website, they come with an intention to seek information or a product. So, by giving the answer to their question of "What is in it for them?" you are giving them a helping hand to proceed on the website and make a purchase. And this can be ensured by maintaining the quality of the unique selling point (USP) as it plays the main role in generating leads for the business. So, by giving the visitor a valid reason about why they should take any action on your website, you can increase the chances of getting more conversions.

3. Create urgency for visitors to take action

Fear of missing out abbreviated as FOMO is an extremely strong emotion and this is the reason why it is so important to take the advantage of it. Because once this emotion is evoked, the chances for visitors to buy from you can increase drastically. This can be done by using power words as they help in creating urgency and develop the need for your product in the customer's mind. So, make sure that you take care of adding the "now or never" element to the CTA of your website. So, try to add words like "Shop today! Sale ends tomorrow" or "Get your hands before the stock runs out" because these kinds of CTAs will make the customer feel the need to have these products urgently and therefore, they will take immediate action.

4. Try to get creative with CTA to catch the visitor's eye

Try to get creative with CTA to catch the visitor's eye

Here comes one of the most important yet neglected ways that are the creativity of the CTA that can make it attractive enough to catch the visitor's attention. Hence, make the CTA fresh and lively so that the customer can enjoy the process of buying. So, you must take extra care of the copywriting because that is what makes a good and effective call-to-action. This can be done in multiple ways which include giving a button-like shape to the Call-to-action and adding a bright combination of colors. This can make it easier for the visitor to see the CTA and act upon it. Considering that, make your CTA bright and to the point that can hardly be missed by customers.

5. Strategically plan the placement of your CTA

The placement of CTA is as important as its effectiveness and creativity. Hence, you must place your CTA effectively so that it can catch the visitor's attention even in a quick look. So it must be placed in different places on different pages in accordance with the relevancy of it. Ideally, CTAs are placed at the end of the content because it is after reading the content that the customer is convinced to take an action. This is because the customer can think about purchasing the product once he gets enough information and specifications about it. So, this is the reason the ideal space to add the CTA is at the bottom of the content or post. Because if you place it in the middle of the content, it can distract the reader's attention and make them rather confused.

6. Use numbers wherever required

Lastly, it is extremely important to use numbers in CTA because numbers make the customers respond faster. So make sure to add numbers when it is required especially in the pricing, incentives, promotions, and discounts on the product. This makes it easier for the customer to evaluate whether the deal is worth their attention and money or not. Therefore, try to be creative while giving pricing and discount information in your CTA like "Shop on 30% discount" or "Pay $200 to get the deal". Similarly you can also add numbers to explain the duration of the offer like "Order now, Sale ends in 3 days" and it can also be added in the shipping details such as "Order today and get it in 1 day". In this way, it becomes easier for the customer to get relevant information about the product.

So, these are the top ways in which you can write a killer call-to-action for your website and improve engagement and conversion rate. This is because a strong CTA can directly and positively impact the sales of your business and take your business to the next level and reach desired heights.