E-commerce businesses are giving their sales speed with the help of visual content. Especially the content in social media is helping them reaching an appreciable level of revenue generation.

Brands today are trying their best to print their footprints in social media as well because doing so does help them reach more audiences than their expectations.

In technical words, Visual commerce is all about how online retailing is taking shape with the help of digital marketing and becoming smarter than yesterday every day and night.

Essential Things For Visual commerce

Those tools that can aggregate social media content from social networks are essential. As they are capable of converting that content into shoppable and ultimately create more commerce through it.

Visual Commerce

Video and picture editing tools can also help a bit at the very beginning, but as far as e-commerce is concerned, the social media aggregation tools will remain as the real heroes.

How Visual Commerce Comes Into Action?

When your content from social media gets aggregated, it can be utilized in different ways.  It could be embedded into an e-commerce website or can be displayed on social walls in big events.

In the case of embedding, a call to action button will make your content shoppable. Also, like hitting two targets from an arrow, it will transfer the website traffic to your embedded social media profile as well.

What actually happens when you embed social media content on an e-commerce website is, it encourages your customers/ consumers/ website-visitors/ viewers to watch that product with higher curiosity than they would have otherwise.

Having visual content as a display or an example on your website builds trust in the new customers for the brand.


An appreciable visual commerce tool should have following functionalities in it-

  • It should be capable of fetching the content from social media networks.
  • It should convert the visual content into the shoppable one.
  • It should allow better curation and moderation of the content for better control and management.

Apart from this, if a product is shown in an attractive form, its selling probability increases by some fraction. Therefore,

  • It should also allow personalization of the content to make that content look attractive by options to choose themes, font styles, and other layout-based options.

The looks and layout always play a subtle role in attracting a buyer.

Being user-generated content already, once it becomes shoppable and also looks attractive at first insight, it will be more likely to increase user engagement.

Videos or Images or Infographics: What is best?

“Rather than having scripted, well-curated images & videos, having user-generated content on your e-commerce website would be more likely to engage users with it.”

Videos or Images or Infographics

Videos and Images are the real contributors to visual commerce, as more than 70 percent of the population experience and learn visually.

Why the text format is a less preferred visual form because most of the people prefer to understand the context faster. And a video makes it easy to understand the product for the buyer.

An enormous amount of text available on the Internet makes a user feel less comfortable and makes him/her want some rather easily comprehensible visual content.

As far as commercialization is concerned, it is all about the convertibility of social content into shoppable one.

Convertibility refers to the appropriateness of content to be shown on a global platform. Be it on a website or in any commercial event.

Visually attractive websites are observed to have a higher rate of user engagement because it increases the probability of conversions.

The first impression of your website should be appealing enough to convince a customer to at least look into and try your product respectively. The visuals help you in this very aspect only.

Visual Commerce has the potential to convert your ordinary website into a highly user-engaged website.

It provides you the liberty to make your social media content shoppable by embedding it on your website.

It is an online platform on which has some smarter tools like Taggshop that help to convert visual content into the shoppable content.


People love visuals. Therefore, the more the visuals, the higher the user-engagement will be.

Also, having real-time content on your website itself develops a factor of credibility. People start trusting your brand and would more likely to engage with it.

Even the conversion rates of most of the e-commerce websites are observed raising high promptly after the involvement of visual content from social media networks especially because of purely generic content.

The involvement of visuals acts as a helping hand for the website’s sales by increasing its user-engagement rate.

Conclusively, visual commerce can be the key to many puzzles in the path of an e-commerce business success.