Modern times require modern approaches to user interfaces and experiences. That is a must in today’s market as good mobile app design goes a long way. Whether you want to attract new customers or convince an existing audience, UX and UI are one of the best instruments for the job. They directly influence your install base and require absolutely no attention if done right from the start.

But as with everything in this world, to use the benefits of good UX/UI, you have to be in the loop. Hence why we decided to cover some of the most powerful Android and iOS trends to follow in 2020. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

1. User View Simplification

When it comes to interfaces, linear design is generally viewed as the best one for mobile devices. Essentially, it gives the user the ability to complete a complex action in a single pass through. No need to swap windows nor click on seperate menus, just a roadmap that goes either down or up. This might seem insignificant but your users will find the process of “scrolling” much more streamlined and unified.

2. Animated Gestures

We’ve come to expect that most apps don’t have gesture functionality and those that have, are limited. This will surely change down the road as gestures are not only convenient but provide valuable screen real estate. That’s right, in 2020, your app should be packed with gestures as otherwise, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

After all, why to press a button when a drag from left to right can take you back. Or why use your second hand to zoom pinch the image when a double screen tap can do the same. These small UX/UI optimizations will save you a lot of screen space and will make your app more usable and accessible.

3. Text Optimization

Since all your content will be displayed on a small screen, it is important to make sure that it is not only readable but scalable. That’s right, just as you would design your images using vector scaling, it is important to employ vector-based font. Your app will be displayed on both small and massive screen so make sure that your text is legible on every possible device. Your users might not notice the effort but they will if you don’t scale accordingly.

4. Full-Screen Resolution

Ever since the release of iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, smartphone screens started to provide not only larger screens but a lower frame to screen ratio. These full-screen resolution devices demand that your app uses all the available space the device has to offer as otherwise, you will be treated to black borders, something users don’t really like to see in their new gadgets. What all this means is that it is best that your device supports both types of screen resolutions and aspect ratios.

5. Color Unification

Unless you are doing a thematically gritty app, it is best that your application is equipped with a bright color palette. However, it doesn’t mean that your text should be blue and your background red as the reading experience will cause a lot of eye strain. You need to refer to a color harmony graph to define what will be okay but even this is half of the story. You need to unify the app with the brand color so that it forms a single being. The more your app represents your brand image, the higher the recognition rate you’ll get.

6. With Engagement in Mind

Last but certainly not least, your application has to deliver the right emotional experience. Your app is your product and it has to be unique but it also has to be familiar territory for your user. Standard elements have to be in the standard places to achieve immersion. But immersion is only one part of the equation as you need to engage your users. When a user is engaged, it means the user is thinking. If your app is not engaging and does not spark curiosity, the user will most likely go and install something else. You need to make sure your app encapsulates the user for as long as possible.

Bottom Line

There are many more aspects we could have covered but these will get you started. App development is a tough process that requires meticulous planning. If your UX/UI design is weak, then you will have to do the whole thing over which isn’t cost-effective. If you need help creating a powerful, lasting design, we can help. We’ve been in the industry for years now and we have just the right expertise to create a powerful user experience. To get in touch with us, just drop a message and we’ll send our best people to help you out.