Starting a business website is easier today because of so many web-hosting companies. But, how will you choose the best website for your business? Most people choose free web hosting services but that won't guarantee the features that you need for your site.

Enter WordPress. An open-source platform that works on the CMS system. This platform is super powerful, simple and has the best developer community. The flexibility it offers is unmatched. From a startup business setup to an enterprise business website, WordPress offers the best features.

Why Choose WordPress For a Business Website?

WordPress CMS enables you can make your website in minutes. It offers many responsive and SEO-friendly themes. There are many plugins to choose from that helps add features to your site. Since great design and user experience is one of the things every business website needs, WordPress offers a flexible framework and design that gives your site a unique look.

WordPress For a Business Website

Websites created by this CMS are highly scalable. Plus, you don't need to rely on technical coding as it is simple to make changes on the site without having a technical background. You just need to pay for the domain and hosting of the site. The business hosting packages for WordPress are also inexpensive. You just have to pay a nominal amount each month for hosting.

It is the best platform for an eCommerce business site as well. Even the security features are top notch. If you are building a business website based on finance, then you can get an SSL certificate for added security.

So, it's a great idea to build a business site on WordPress. But before that, you need to take a look at some pros and cons of using WordPress for a business website.

I] Pros of Using WordPress For a Business Website

1. Building a Website is Easy

Building a Website is Easy

If you think that building a website is a tad technical thing to do, then you are wrong. WordPress lets you build your own website without any kind of technical know-how. There are dedicated tutorials available for this purpose that you can follow. To put it simply, you can start from scratch and still be able to create a professional looking website for your business in a matter of a few minutes.

2. Comprehensive Collection of Themes and Plugins

Comprehensive Collection of Themes and Plugins

WordPress lets you choose from a comprehensive collection of themes, plugins, and add-ons. Each theme comes with an array of features, while plugins help you add extra functionality to your site. It also offers pre-designed templates for niche kind of business websites, which saves your time. With a pre-designed theme, you can simply replace the demo content with your own content and you are ready-to-go.

3. Simple to Use and Maintain

Simple to Use and Maintain

This platform is also simple to use and maintain. You can edit text, images, landing pages and even animations on your site. You can publish any type of content. If you are stuck somewhere, a dedicated team can help you with the issue. The platform gives you full control of your website.

Best part, with the help of a comprehensive WordPress website maintenance checklist, one can seamlessly maintain their website without much difficulty. Also, as quality content helps to engage more users, WordPress helps you with this as well.

4. It Integrates Easily With 3rd Party Tools

MailChimp for WordPress

The integration feature of WordPress is simply awesome. The platform allows easy integration of various third-party tools and plugins. You can use a third party tool for email marketing like MailChimp which also as a plugin called MailChimp for WordPress. You can add various search engine optimization tools. The platform also lets you integrate with CRM software and lead generation tool. Even business finance and banking websites on WordPress can integrate with safe payment getaways.

5. SEO-friendly

SEO-friendly for WordPress

This content management system is completely SEO-friendly. If you make a business website using WordPress, it'll help you attract more traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. This platform follows the basic CMS rule of keeping the content and design of a website separate. This makes indexing easier for a search engine website. Also, there are so many SEO plugins that are available for a business website. Using a plugin like Yoast SEO will help to drive more traffic and increase the user engagement of your site.

6. Best Choice for eCommerce

Best Choice for eCommerce

You can create the best eCommerce website with WordPress. You don't need advanced knowledge of CSS and HTML. Just use a simple WooCommerce plugin to create your own online store. The plugin simply lets you integrate with payment getaways and other functions of a shopping site. In fact, more than 28% of eCommerce websites worldwide are powered by WooCommerce. The plugin also lets you optimize keywords in URLs, posts, plugins, and titles of your site.

7. Added Support

WordPress lets you create your landing pages and sales pages separately. It lets you edit and copy the plugin code. You can even change the theme design of your website without any added modification. You can start up your own business website by choosing a blog theme, fitness theme or a photography theme. It’s suitable for both small and big business organizations and helps accelerate your business growth.

II] Pros of Using WordPress For a Business Website

1. Open Source

WordPress is an open source platform so you need to take charge of your website. This means from site modification to security, installation to updates, everything has to be taken care of, by you. Well, WordPress does offer you plugins to automate these tasks, but some tasks and updates have to be done manually.

If you are managing your own business website, then you have to keep a complete tab on the functioning of the site. If it's hosted by a website hosting company, then you can relax a bit.

2. Premium Themes

If you opt for free WordPress themes, then there may be a problem with coding. Free themes are not coded and can have some issues with professional features; this can affect your website’s performance. Even premium themes can have some issues.

You can't completely expect similar features as shown in the demo of the theme. Now, this can be a major turn off for you if you intend to make a professional looking site. It's difficult to understand the function of the website through tutorials, which is another drawback.

3. Time-consuming

Best Time-consuming

Building the site can be time-consuming as WordPress does not come with built-in drag and drop feature. But, there are themes that can help you with drag and drop. You need to purchase those themes for using the features.

Even if you use drag and drop page builder plugins like Page Builder by SiteOrigin, you need to get the hold of it to use it properly. If a plugin or a theme plan is expired, you'll have to repurchase your plan. So, this can be major trouble after the expiry of the plan.

4. Premium Plans

If you want to build a business website with best quality theme or plugins, then you need to buy premium plans. Top features and functionality are only offered with premium plans. With free plans, you would be able to only change the colours and layouts. But, with premium WordPress plans, there are many added features that you'll be able to use.

Also, a single theme is used by many websites, so there is a limitation with theme selection as well. You won't get that exclusive theme unless you opt for a customized version.

The Bottom Line

Taking into account various pros and cons, the bottom line is that WordPress is and will remain the most powerful CMS platform. The reasons why WordPress is popular are numerous. So many branded websites are hosted on this platform. The choice of themes, plugins, and features that this CMS offers is simply amazing. In fact, it has been a constant winner of number one CMS platforms across the world.

Are you planning to start up a business website? Then do consider WordPress as an effective CMS platform.