B2B websites have attracted a lot of B2B customers as they can purchase their products and services directly. Business to business eCommerce, commonly known as B2B eCommerce, defines the marketing, selling, and distribution of products from one business to another with the help of online channels.

As B2B businesses receive value from customer satisfaction, customers today are looking for companies too beyond their expectations. Most B2B buyers are also consumer buyers, and they now expect a more B2C like customer experience.

If you are own a B2B company, you need to adapt your current website to meet B2B buyer demands. With the industry evolving quickly, businesses need to develop new strategies to keep up.

In this article, we will throw  some light on some of the techniques which can help you improve and grow your B2B eCommerce website and take it to the next level to drive up the conversion for your B2B eCommerce website. Let us begin.

1. Add more product information on your site

Providing clear, detailed products and services can help you facilitate a buyer to purchase on your website. The website should have clear photos and videos that illustrate how different tools work and a section that lists the benefits of their POS system. You should clearly explain how your service works, share information about the products' features and integration process. Including videos can help you as they demonstrate how to use a product properly. All these strategies can help you increase sales and grow your business.

2. Mobile optimization

The current age is the age of mobiles. With more and more people using the internet via mobile, your business needs to provide a smooth and seamless mobile platform. Your B2B website should be able to provide the information across all the devices such as desktop, mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Your website should be optimized and should smoothly run on mobile phones. If the customers face even a minor issue, they may switch to the competitor's site, which you don't want to happen. Your mobile-optimized website should have relevant information about the products and must be responsive.

3. Social media marketing

You can take advantage of social media marketing to bond with potential buyers. Social media is the third most important marketing tactic for B2B business. Posts on social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. Make sure that your posts are informative as providing proper information will engage more buyers and ultimately increase the conversion rate. Social media marketing is becoming extremely important as more and more people are using social media apps as a source of entertainment. So why not use it for improving and growing your business as well!

4. Loyalty programs

The customer loyalty program is another important element of B2B eCommerce. B2B buyers are looking for long-term partnerships for all types of loyalty programs. Loyalty programs help you drive conversion. B2B loyalty programs have great value, but these loyalty programs require a planned strategy. Some of the good strategies include-

  • Tier incentive
  • Merging with third parties and resellers
  • Referral programs

5. Provide great customer service

Improving customer service can help you build brand loyalty. Some of the features, such as extending your customer service hours, installing a live chat function on your site, can help you gain customers' trust. The main purpose of the live chat option is to provide the visitor's flexibility to ask questions on your site. It also demonstrates your willingness to help and leaves an excellent impression on the customers. Customer service is important as the web development service and improvements that will help the B2B websites to grow and expand.

6. Search engine optimization

an eCommerce business’ SEO strategy is crucial for any business, no matter how you sell your products. If SEO strategies are not implemented correctly, your website will not show up in Google searches and hence will not attract huge traffic. This way, you could lose your customers to the competitors. A well-optimized website will be the one to show up in Google searches more often. Therefore, proper SEO strategies have to be implemented to attract traffic and ultimately increase the sales of the website. A B2B business owner should implement the SEO strategies for the maximum benefit of the website.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing has been proved as an important business growth strategy, as well as an essential part of the B2B eCommerce marketing strategy. Email marketing can be used as a medium of effective communication with your buyers. You can send emails to your customers informing them about the upcoming offers or sale, reach out to them on special days, and remind them about the items lying abandoned in their shopping carts. These techniques might encourage them to buy from your website more, and they might turn into your regular customers.

8. Advertise customer reviews

Publishing your company's reviews and rating reassure the buyers of your value. Being transparent to your customers adds to the credibility of your business and builds trust in customers' minds. It's also good to include names and photos of your reviewers, which shows your website's authenticity and helps in building trust. You can also have a testimonial page in addition to posting reviews on your landing page. The B2B eCommerce company also includes links to case studies on their homepage for in-depth reviews.

9. Tackle with cart abandonment

No matter how many efforts you put, there is never going to be zero shopping cart abandonment on your website. Their ccan be several reasons behind shopping cart abandonment. Customers may find the shipping charges way too high, the checkout process isn't simple, or there are hidden charges at the time of checkout, there can be various reasons. One way to tackle this problem is by email re-targeting. Remind them about the abandoned shopping cart, and that might encourage them to return to your store. You can also offer free shipping or loyalty programs to increase sales and gain the buyers' trust. With a few techniques, customers might make up their minds and return to your store. Shopping cart abandonment cannot be reduced to zero, but yes with proper strategies, it can be reduced to a great extent.

Wrapping up!

As we discussed the techniques to improve your B2B eCommerce website, just discussing them isn't enough, you also have to implement them to get the best results. B2B marketing is one of the key ways of growing your online business. You can always hire professional developers to do this task for you.