The opportunity to observe how swiftly new technology alters our lives is one of the most thrilling aspects of working as a marketer. Since the introduction of the first smartphones with internet access a few decades ago, it is now hard to picture life without gadgets. After that, innovations like high-quality cameras and instant mobile payments changed the scene overnight.

App marketing is getting all the attention as mobile apps become more prevalent. Marketers use various methods, strategies, and techniques when promoting products, services, or content. Each makes a small contribution to the chosen channels of promotion and awareness-building and brings a unique collection of qualities that strengthen the depth of a marketing effort.

We've compiled a list of the best mobile marketing tools and applications for you below.


Marketing automation platform designed to bring all the most essential mobile marketing services into one hub. The multichannel nature of the marketing software allows businesses to stay in touch with the customers using their preferred mode of communication.

With SendPulse you can create mobile-friendly landing pages and subscription forms which can greatly improve lead generation.

When it comes to lead nurturing, the platform can help businesses design mobile-ready marketing email and SMS campaigns. Since many people nowadays prefer shopping and interacting with brands on social media, SendPulse offers chatbots for popular messengers and social media platforms.

  1. Facebook and Instagram chatbots
  2. WhatsApp chatbot + WhatsApp Business API 
  3. Telegram chatbot

All the customer data that you receive from these channels can be stored within a free CRM on the platform. CRM helps manage customer data and improve your mobile marketing campaign by means of personalization.


With Canva, you can simply and swiftly create visuals for every purpose, including social networks, resumes, slides, bulletins, banners, etc. It offers a broad selection of interactive artwork, endless themes, colors, fonts, pictures, GIFs, and everything else you need. It is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. With the latest Canva tool, you can enjoy the full capacity of its features on your tablet. Choose your design and move your elements around to create a fantastic artwork to post and share. Another great option is that you can instantly upload your finished project, thanks to Canva's integrated social sharing function.

If you want to connect to your audience using reliable and high-quality branding across many channels, you should make use of these graphic design  tools. With easy-to-use marketing features, Canva is one of the most trusted resources to help you can promote your brand and increase your company's ROI.


SEMrush is a tool that lets you observe what your rivals are accomplishing online and then modify your approach to outrank them in search results. It offers a full suite of marketing services that you may use to analyze social networks, your brand (and the brands of your rivals), and more.

The main qualities of SEMrush involve analytical insights that give you access to a wide range of data, including keyword research to see what terms your opponents are using, finding the latest organic competition, viewing their ad expenditures and techniques, and researching their display ads to seek new publishers, etc. In order to find out who is referring to you, you can use a backlink analyzer.

Additionally, SEMrush has a handful of tools that can be used to estimate the complexity of potential keywords and identify those that are less competitive. You can use this option to determine should you spend time pursuing the competition.

Google Analytics

As practically everyone who manages a website knows, Google Analytics offers information about website users' demographics and online behaviors. Marketers utilize Google Analytics to grasp the results of their campaigns and how customer experience affects variables like conversion and engagement.

The mobile app is quite beneficial for analyzing the indicators in the tailored reports. You have real-time flow and data monitoring technologies at the tip of your fingertips, as well as the possibility of creating and storing your data on the dashboard with the parameters you can manage in real-time. Even custom metrics now have support. It's a fantastic Google tool, and the company is always fixing flaws it finds.

Assaf Cohen, who runs gaming studio Solitaire Bliss, explains, “Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for us. It allows us to measure our growth and engagement in detailed and insightful ways. Moreover, whenever we make changes to our games, we can understand what the impact of those changes are.”

App Annie

App Annie is a well-known mobile app analytics tool. It offers a plethora of app information that comes in handy when planning an app marketing campaign.

This sophisticated tool is made for monitoring and mobile market analysis. You can access all the statistics and insights you need to optimize your mobile marketing plan. A user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to observe your performance and compare various information. Another fantastic App Annie function is market research. You can conduct in-depth analysis and even analyze the revenue generated by your rivals.


Optimizely is a tool that lets you try out different things and see which ones bring the best results. When forming a campaign, marketers have to come up with a ton of descriptions, call-to-action-buttons, and creatives to draw in the target demographic. Predicting how well any particular content will play out in an ad campaign can be challenging, and Optimizely can help with that. With its testing tools, Optimizely assists marketers in evaluating the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives. Additionally, you can utilize this technology to send customized marketing messages to your clients. It is the go-to resource for every company preparing to launch a promotional campaign.


You need a sleek, captivating marketing campaign to stand out in the as-never-before competitive market. Branch is a mobile app marketing tool that ensures customers are always on the right path.

Thanks to this platform, businesses can easily create, assess, and join paid social media marketing. They primarily use two main technologies: content publishing and performance statistics. Additionally, they offer a variety of payment methods. You can even use their extension to add online content you discover to your current social media calendar.


You can drive your marketing success with the help of AppsFlyer. It strives to provide the most precise attribution data available in the market because a company can only rely on its marketing deliverables if it matches the input data. Furthermore, it lets you trace each step in the customer experience as a marketer or company owner. The information's reliability guarantees that marketers can produce trustworthy outcomes.

AppsFlyer allows you to take into account an overview of the client's journey through various channels and technologies.

Wrapping it up

A tool's purpose is to simplify a challenging process. While all the solutions mentioned above simplify app marketing, some even make it more effective. When combined with the proper resources, an app marketing tool can open the door for unrestricted growth and boost productivity by streamlining complex processes.

For marketers, mobile marketing solutions are vital because they help them increase their brand's visibility. Our picks are remarkable in terms of their advantages and usefulness to marketers. Therefore, give these apps some thought if you want to make your marketing efforts more effective and beneficial.