• Are you a business that is looking to expand to new geographical regions and looking at connectivity solutions?

  • Do you know how important it is to secure your internal and external communication channels and prevent cyberattacks?

  • Have you looked at IPX network solutions and want to know more about how they can help your business?

Most business experts and analysts agree on the fact that network connectivity is a major challenge for businesses. This is especially true if you are running your business in multiple countries.

The need to ensure secure network connectivity is no longer an issue that is on the back-burner. In the last few years, the increasing threats of cyberattacks have made global businesses stand up and take note of their network solutions.

In this article, we speak to the experts at Syniverse, a leading IPX Network provider. We try to focus on the top five ways network solutions and connectivity can help businesses.

List of the Top 5 Ways Network Solutions and Connectivity can help Businesses

1. Align to a New and Changing Business Environment-

Business structures, processes, and strategies are constantly evolving. In fact, they keep changing radically and drastically every time a new piece of technology emerges. With 5G now on the horizon, working with a specialist network and connectivity provider can help businesses realign their structures, infrastructure, strategies, and processes in 2021.

2. Addressing the Increasing Expectations of Customers-

Customers do not like to wait till your business starts its working hours to get their needs responded to and addressed. In other words, they expect that a business is live 24x7, especially in the age of digital transformations. If you are a business that does not want to let down its customers, you need a supporting networking infrastructure to help you achieve that.

3. Better Security and Prevention of Cyberattacks-

The threat of becoming vulnerable to cyberattacks is growing every single day. The more you increase your network, spreading it out etc. means that you are opening more touchpoints that can become vulnerable in nature. Using a secure IPX network can ensure that your business is prevented from such threats, helping grow processes and building customer confidence.

4. Positive Use of Cloud Storage and Data Sharing Solutions-

How do you ensure that your employee sitting thousands of miles away in a remote country can access your company’s confidential data securely? Do you trust his or her local network or Wi-Fi? The answer is No! As most businesses shift their data storage needs to the cloud, you want them to access the same on secure networks. This prevents chances of data leaks.

5. Internet of Things (IoT) Strategic Adoption-

As more and more smart and connected technologies flood our lives and increase their influence, it is important that the network solutions they use are compatible and secure. Improving machine communications that play a vital role in supply chains can only be made possible with the help of improved connectivity and secure network infrastructure.

Advantages of Better Connectivity for Businesses in 2021

In this section, we are going to list down the major advantages of better connectivity for businesses in 2021-

  • If businesses have access to the best network solutions, they can effectively overcome time constraints. In other words, better connectivity and network can help a business stay online and available to its customers and vendors 24x7!

  • Good network solutions also help a business branch out and grow to newer markets and tap into target audiences. For example, if you want to grow in China, or tap into their market, a lot of your run-of-the-mill network providers will not be able to help you.

  • Solid network solutions make your business come across as an influential and professional one. Everyone from vendors to customers feels better if they engage with a business that pays attention to its network and connectivity issues.

The Bottom Line

The connected world and the nature of the business that comes with it demand improved network solutions. There is a reason why the world’s leading businesses are investing in IPX Network. They want to be better prepared for the changing world order and its dynamics.