A website is the most precious asset for any business as it not only allows you to have an online presence but also facilitates to market your business online. It serves as a 24/7 salesman that ensures to showcase and sell your products and services while maintaining the credibility and buyer-seller relationship with your users. A website can efficiently serve numerous such purposes but what if it does just the opposite for your business by lagging and taking too long to load. Well, in such a situation, there might be possible that your website is taken down.

However, as a business owner, you must continuously monitor the performance of your website by ensuring that the uptime of the website is as high as possible to be able to sustain in the competitive digital world. Although you can also take the help of a professional web design and development company for better consultation yet before that we need to have an overview of the things that can take down your website. So, let us discuss them one by one to have a better understanding.

Mentioned Below The Top 7 Things that Can Take Down Your Website

Website Viruses

The most obvious and common reason that can instantly take down your website is virus attacks. These attacks can not only be caused by actual people but these are also and mostly bots crawling over the internet searching for websites that are easily accessible. So, if your website is vulnerable enough that a bot can conveniently access your code, there are high chances that your website can be taken down immediately. However, you can secure your website by having a password protocol and limiting the access points to the website. Along with this, you can also use security software with intrusion protection that can help you keep the bots out. 

No Formal Policies

If your company is floating without any specific written formal policies related to website use and proper procedures for intellectual property protection, there are high chances that your website can be taken down. Therefore, by lacking existing procedures, you can expose yourself to various damages that even includes online infringement. However, you can ensure to secure your website from all these vulnerabilities by having detailed written policies and procedures in advance. Besides, these policies should be reviewed and updated from time to time in order to address the changes in a better way. 

Coding Issues

Broken codes is another very crucial reason that can contribute to taking your website down. There can be a lot of reasons that the codes of your website can break whether it is through incorrect modification while making edits or there can be conflict while installing upgrades. However, oftentimes, it is easy to fix these coding issues by overwriting with a backed-up version of the website but on the other hand in serious cases, it requires special attention from the professionals. Moreover, if you think your website is old enough to catch vulnerabilities, you must perform a specific code review. 

Domain Issues

The domain is like a street address for any website as it is an online place that is allotted for your business. However, there’s a difference as the domain of any website can expire. So, when your website’s domain expires, it takes away your website as well and makes it disappear from the internet. This can bear a great loss for your efforts and can even take away your customers that you have earned while maintaining the website. So, regularly checking the domain and setting it to auto-renew can help you avoid that. 

Hosting Issues

Another very crucial reason is hosting issues that can crash your website because no matter how much traffic you are getting on your website, it can all go in vain with inadequate hosting.  This can most likely to happen if your hosting provider doesn’t have adequate space or bandwidth to effectively handle huge traffic. Therefore, it is essential for your host to accommodate the increase in the traffic otherwise it can cause your website to crash and be unavailable. So, because of all concerns, it is important that you make smarter hosting choices. 

Plugin Errors

Plugins are widely used to make your website able to inject additional features to its base programming. Just by installing a plugin, you can ensure to add specialized content and functionality to your website that generally requires hours-long coding. However, compatibility is a big issue when it comes to plugins, as the developer of the plugin and your website may differ so it consequently creates conflicts and coding issues that result in bringing your website down. Though, you can avoid such risks by ensuring regular backups of your website and also by having a plan in place to update them.


Lastly, the most commonly known reason that can take your website down is hacking by programmers that try to break and access your website. Moreover, there are various ways in which a website can be hacked but the most common one is the Distributed Denial of Service attack. In DDoS, the hacker swamps your website with too much traffic that leads to overloading the bandwidth, and this results in the crashing of your website. This is most likely to happen if your hosting provider is not prepared for this much amount of traffic so in such a case, it is smarter to host with a provider that has the potential to handle a hacking situation. 

So, on the whole, these are the top 7 things that can take down your website and we believe that by now you must have got all the important information that is required to build and maintain a website securely. But to make the process even smoother, you will need assistance from professionals. Well, Auxesis Infotech is all set to help you as it is known as the leading website design and development agency that specializes in all sorts of web services. With its talented team of highly-skilled developers, designers, & testers, and the correct skillset, it has been successfully delivering exceptional results over the years.