SEO is one of the most difficult parts of running a website. The way search engines, especially Google rank your website change constantly which is why you need to find a way to keep up with the latest SEO development if you want to boost your website rankings in the SERPs and outpace the competition. That’s where SEO tools come in handy.

There are a lot of great SEO tools on the market used by SEO Agency. And they can help you simplify your optimization efforts. With the right tools, you’ll be able to get useful data and insight to run data-driven campaigns. Here are the top 9 SEO tools that can help you create better SEO and rank higher.

1. Google analytics

Google analytic is free yet offers valuable data on those that use your website. The tool can help you perform better at marketing; enhance site visibility, and SEO. You will be able to view pages that are not doing well, track eCommerce activities, and how your site visitors engage with your content.

But you must set it up to monitor activities that are vital to your marketing goals. You can gather information such as page views, events, and conversions, among other reports. Some of the most important metrics to consider include:

  • Page Views: Shows the number of times a user visits a page, bounce rate, unique visitors on a site, and source of that traffic.

  • Events: This report shows the activity of visitors on a site, like signing up for a newsletter.

  • Conversions: It shows the conversion rate for any marketing goals being measured, such as the number of people that bought your e-book.

The tool also allows you to segment metrics into dimensions to track what you like, use advanced features to break info into a segment that matters, and view in Pivot any data on the dashboard without using a spreadsheet.

2. Google Search Console

That is another valuable free tool from Google that enables you to monitor a site's search to discover visitors' activities. It evaluates keyword performance, Search Engine indexing, and whether mobile visitors use a site quickly or not. You could correct site map problems, find keywords that are not performing, and locate low performing pages not correctly optimized to fix small click through rates.

Google Search Console also includes features for inspecting a site's pages, link information plus backlinks report, a precise summary to display a site's Search Engines performance, Index report, and if any Indexing issues exist.

3. Ubersuggest

That tool reveals what your competitors are doing, allowing you to locate and fill gaps discovered. To acquire data of opponents or keyword, enter their URL or query into the explorer bar to get the information you desire.

Ubersuggest works like a Google keyword search tool and could reveal related key phrases to the primary query you enter. Ubersuggest will show the site ranking at the top for that key phrase, and you could generate content with the long-tail keywords it suggests.

Depending on the keyword you are ranking for, drill down to get more info such as the traffic that a site on the first position attracts, and the number of backlinks and social media shares. With these data, you can go-ahead to produce compelling posts that might outrank all the competitors.

4. Yoast SEO

Doing on-page optimization properly involves using heading tags, meta descriptions, internal links, image tags, and alternate tags. The Yoast tool helps you do SEO for your content, and it is among the top Quiz plugin for WordPress plugins. It has a paid type and the one you can use for free.

To get more power for your SEO, consider getting the paid Yoast SEO tool. The tool will check your post in the Content Management system and offer tips to adjust it for search. Before you publish a post go through the readability and SEO checklist to confirm that it passes the Yoast SEO criteria.

5. Answer the Public

With this keyword tool, you can view questions entered by users in various browsers with suggested automatic complete searches. These results from searches are placed in categories such as "why, what, and where."

They reveal a summary of queries that people have been entering in Search Engines with different devices. For instance, Answer the Public feature allows you to observe information in well-arranged lists anytime you want.

Answer the Public include the display of relevant and new long tail keywords, receive keyword that searchers entered as questions, related keywords, prepositions, keywords in ABC format, comparisons, and capability for downloading them in CSV file.

6. MozBar

You may attach the MozBar to the highest or lowest part of your web browser toolbar. This tool will allow you to see any data you want about any website instantly. It has both a paid and a free tool. To use the MozBar, click the toolbar and type in the domain name of the site to start the research.

The MozBar has three groups, like the Page Attributes that offer page behavior results, Link Data to reveal info about site's links, plus Page Elements, to show you on-page SEO results of a website. Attach the toolbar to Chrome or Firefox explorers on either a Mac Os or Windows Os and keep producing SEO content with insights from this tool.

7. VidIQ

As a content marketer, the video ought to be among your content marketing strategy. If you haven't started, start today. However, like your articles, you must optimize videos so that many video viewers can see it. Start by getting the VidIQ software to create your brand and impress them to develop faithful viewers.

The software comes as a paid and a free type with an inbuilt keyword research tool for video, plus a video optimizer and analytics tool. A feature includes a video boost capability to receive keyword ideas for the video title, description, and tags.

Additional features are Keyword Search on YouTube, a dashboard that displays Analytics of views, subscribers, comments, and Best to post, which reveals the right time to release YouTube videos.

8. WooRank

If you need better ideas to produce better content marketing and SEO for your site, then, you might consider the WooRank, by testing it with the 14-day free trial. The WooRank comes with an automated site analysis tool and SEO plan Checker that offers massive info to enable you to raise website traffic and leads and convert leads.

This tool places the whole SEO information in a spot, to enable you to gauge a site's SEO position for keywords that you are optimizing the website for. The tool also allows to you discover, and grade good leads then produce sales pitches, using valid website info. You could see how Google rates the site in the search results page and correct any gaps.

9. SEO workers analysis Tool

This SEO tool delivers excess SEO data, including tools for all kinds of reports, and assumes all users are at a beginner level in SEO. It has an exclusive feature that reveals valuable SEO info. And it also educates you with an exhaustive analysis video of any SEO task it performs.

With this tool, you can get an instant report of any website you want by simply typing their Domain name into the tool. The analysis of your site is thorough and fast-paced and provides you with contextual info.

The SEO workers analysis tool evaluates Http header, displays a star for a performing site and flag things you need to fix. The keyword analysis with this tool is complete, as it reveals single keywords and long tail keywords.


Creating good content alone will not produce the best outcomes without tweaking them with the right SEO tools to generate better SEO pages and content on your website. To defeat your competitors and outrank them, start using a combination of these tools today.