Advertisements make or break your brand. Nowadays, it places an essential role in making a company stand. Advertisements is a communication way that sends your message to your consumers by means of marketing and advertising which increases awareness, interest, and desire from potential customers to your products and services.

There are various means of advertising your business and your product. Various platforms and domains. However, there are a few ways of advertising that actually effect your marketing and sales. One of the popular ones in video marketing. Video content is made and used in many ways of digital marketing to help boost reach, engagement and sales. Some ways includes blog posts, TVC’s, websites, email marketing, electronic billboards and social media platforms. It’s something that people of all age crave and are easily attracted to it too.

Video marketing advertising is no longer a creative option, it’s a necessity but trust me, it’s worth the time and money. In recent year, it has also been seen that animated ads in the form of video content is much more memorable and engaging to humans than any other type of content with its pictures and music. However, if it’s an easy ways to attract, it’s also a task and hardwork to create. You need to create something truly remarkable, perfectly tailored to your audience, to stand out. So let’s talk about benefits of video marketing advertising and some pointers:


  • Content and Sales:

    I think this is one benefit everyone wants and aims to have by any means of advertising so why not use a mean that’s most effective? It’s an old thing where people like to watch more than read. As a result video marketing engages more sales than any other form even pictures of photoshoots with a text or emails. Content has also been diversified now due to an increase in social media users and bloggers. Now video content is not only showcasing the brand but also reviews, how to use, a story and much more. Which is a bonus benefit for the company, you can get so much buy just one investment in one video. For example, Titan introduced titan sprayer parts which had its advertisement and then how to use and guide video marketing on YouTube and Instagram. That video got over 74K views which generated sales through YouTube and generally with less uploading cost. Do you see how video content is making sales easier!

  • Probability:

    As I mentioned above, portals like YouTube and Instagram are increasing sales because the chances that someone will watch your content has increased by 50% due to pandemic and social media marketing. Investing in video content is not only smart but practical now, especially as your competition both local and international are very likely to be using video-based content themselves. Hence the reason behind popularity of YouTube between consumers and businesses. About 1 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube daily. With that you have your television ads, moms watching cooking shows, dramas and dads watching the news and more likely to watch your video ad on TV and be engaged which increases the overall probability of your video marketing.

  • Multiple platforms with the magical share button:

    Though I have mentioned it before, this is a benefit that deserves a separate part. Apart from YouTube, Google and Instagram. Half of Twitter's users watch one video repeatedly. Statistically if we look at our platforms, even on Snapchat and Facebook now videos reach 100K views in a very less span time. It's not only used on social media for marketing, but also across factors such as webinars, blogs, presentations, articles and much more. Better to use the same example, titan sprayer part has its content on different websites and videos made its users and re-shared which automatically increased their popularity due to multiple platforms.

  • Smart work with hard work:

    Want to move your audience with a bang? Video content is the smartest way. Our audience now wants to know about a new product or service announcement by watching videos whether it be short or long. More so many brands are creating multi-step tutorials and self-help videos to help explain specific processes and they're using influencers with around 500K followers to help them with this process. The influencers have to make the content themselves which means your one product is being best place to advertise your business in different ways and on different platforms automatically. Another smart move by video content is that this all engages unmotivated buyers! Videos are highly consumable. People have a lot going on in their lives nowadays, they'd rather watch an informative video about your product than research. Video content can raise your sales by a lot and also attracts new buyers before anyone else.

  • One step ahead of your competitors:

    To beat our competitors and stay in the game and to increase brand engagement, video is critical. By using different platforms and a defined keyword, your video is more likely to be in front than your competitors. For example Titan sells a lot of products but they have specified their reach and products thorough keywords like titan 440 impact parts or titan sprayer parts which means a consumer searching the word "parts" "spray" etc. will automatically see an ad or be generated to titan. Clever and so easy no? You can always stay one step ahead by one simple step. Your video content is the basis of many conversation starters than which will automatically give you an edge. Mobile phones and video content are like bread and butter. Once you've fed your share to your target audience, there's no coming back!

  • Pointers:

    1. First few seconds are key.
    2. Timing is everything.
    3. Audience friendly.
    4. Intent based targeting.
    5. Hire professionals or agencies.
    6. Target defined.
    7. Research your audience for platforms.
    8. Set a time-span.