There are entire series of video games that are built on a game plot, in places on historical or close to this authenticity and narrative to reveal the plot, so that there is a reason to play as a special forces soldier.

The Call of Duty series takes the player through a series of conflicts, often made up or altered.

The early series were completely based on the theme of the Second World War and told the player the story of the most difficult war in the history of mankind.

What you can learn thanks to Call of Duty:

  • military history
  • Learn about the tactics and communication of special forces soldiers
  • Learn to understand modern weapons
  • Partially feel the emotions of the soldiers taking part in the battles.

Call of Duty

Military history

Call of Duty boost your understanding of military history. Of course, the narrative in the game does not carry true historical accuracy, but many events are conveyed accurately in general terms.

Soviet eastern front

In the first parts of the series, most of the events are devoted to the eastern front and the player can feel all the events and difficulties that the soldiers of the Red Army endured while fighting against Nazi Germany of that time.

The player will fight in Stalingrad, sniper fire and experience events similar to the movie "Enemy at the Gates" storm Kharkov and Kursk, advance towards Berlin and end the war with a raised flag on the roof of the Reichstag.

English front

The player will take part in the battles fought by the combined British-American troops to liberate France and the rest of Europe from fascism, while fighting in Africa in parallel.

Military history

American front

The player is waiting for the famous D-Day on the beach of Normandy, fighting in occupied France and approaching the German capital along a different path from the USSR.

On the one hand, these are all themes of cruelty and murder, but war games are more of a mixture of history and lessons that humanity must learn from these wars, of course, not a single game can convey the true feelings of soldiers who have been in the war, but descendants should know the history and avoid conflicts and murders, so that all wars were expressed exclusively in games and carried the genre of entertainment.

Learn about the tactics and communication of special forces soldiers

In many games and the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series, military experts help developers to accurately convey military conflicts.

In this way, game creators can convey the atmosphere of interaction between special forces.

Soldiers exchange short but meaningful phrases, special gestures and code expressions to convey information on the battlefield.

+ - when ready to continue the fight, red - when the cartridges have run out.

By the way, the military method of determining the direction to the target using the example of a clock dial is sometimes used by civilians - 12 hours ahead. 6 hours ago.

special forces soldiers

Learn to understand modern weapons

The games feature the most modern weapons and equipment relevant to the events of the game.

So you can see the equipment used by special forces and various units. Participate in battles with the use of technology and gradually learn to distinguish them.

First of all, men are interested in understanding military equipment and weapons, but the main thing is that even though YouTube has a lot of videos about real weapons and equipment, it is in the game that you can try them out in action.

Partially feel the emotions of the soldiers taking part in the battles.

Developers always put a special value on the interaction of soldiers and their emotions in a combat situation.

To convey humanity in tough battles is the main task of all game creators and the Call of Duty series copes with this perfectly.

The player will lose colleagues, serve under the command of the famous ageless captain Price (who has played in all parts will understand).

The second part of World War and all parts of modern warfare do focus on human emotions throughout the conflict, in which the player takes part in many characters.

The epicness of any battle is conveyed by its scale - a series about the Second World War is distinguished by its entertainment, when many soldiers converge in battle from different sides. People are dying, bullets are flying, shells are exploding. The player fully feels all the horror and adrenaline of events, almost from the first person.