The search engine giant Google is the pitch for businesses available online to turn visitors into customers. Google launched many tools, one of which was Google discover, which launched in 2017.

After a year of its launch, 800 Million users were already using Google discover app by September 2018, and currently it has a lot more users.

But, what is Google Discover all about?

Google discover is a feed that is generated based on the browsing history of the user. This new tool introduced by Google is its response to the social media field that provides information like articles, advertisements, videos, and others. This form of search content has marked a new phase in Google search.

Google Discover all about

It has proved to be a hit that does not wait for the user to enter their query, find results, and instead provide them with tons of content that they might like based on their previous search.

One can also refer to it as Google Feed that was described by Google itself in three crucial shifts.

  • The transition from search to the search-less way of discovering data
  • Enhanced visuals of data discovery
  • Switch to journeys from answers

The older version of Google Discover, also known as Google feed, was more of a textual design. With the recent updates, Google Discover feed has transformed into a pool of different types of content like new stories, photos/images, video content, evergreen content, and more.

Why does it matter?

With the introduction of Google Discover, it showcases how people use search engines. It has come as an advantage to the users that they do not have to depend on the search engine queries entirely to find relevant topics.

But for the organizations, it has caused a shift in the SEO field.

Although the rules of SEO are the same, keyword optimization won’t be enough alone for ranking now in search engine optimization with Google Discover!

So, to help you learn about the various ways in which you can optimize content for Google Discover are listed below.

Engaging and quality content

Content that answers the user's query pinpoint is worthy of engaging the readers. It should be worthy enough to bring out the best from your marketing efforts.

Engaging and quality content

Increase readership on your content as you add relevant and relatable information that hit the pain points of the readers.

For optimising the same in your SEO services, use long-tail keywords, illustrations, semantic keywords phrases, graphs, images, videos, and others.

Start by recognizing the intent of the user and learn about the Search terms they use on Google.

You need to make sure that you glue all these tactics into your content so that the content can enhance the traffic on your website or blog, reduce Bounce rate, boost search ranking and offer other benefits.

Create irresistible videos

If you post quality visuals, your content will become more irresistible to the customers. By offering your customers different types of videos, you enhance their engagement on your content, target your market and give a solution to their problems.

A Study by Hubspot states that video content is liked by more than 50% of the customers.

Create irresistible videos

Create exceptional and attention-seeking video content on how-to tutorials video, behind the scenes videos, case studies, expert interviews, product/ service demo videos, and more. A video compressor can help optimize these videos for faster loading times and better user experience.

You can take an idea to get a point to start from the best performing blogs. An insight into their high social media engagement and Google ranking will help you learn about the excellent results of their top quality content.

From improving the website engagement, SEO ranking to your visibility on Google Discover, the video content will solve most of your engagement problems as a SEO agency.

Align with Google's content policies

To rank on Google, one must comply with the content policies for the Google Discover platform. The major factors included in the Google guidelines that need utmost attention are search quality rating, page quality, needs met ratings, and others.

By following these guidelines, you cannot make sure that the content will appear in the feed. Instead, it means that if your content gets picked up by Google discover, given to the Google content policies followed in your content, it will make to Google news.

Thus to attain this heads up, start creating blogs that line with Google publishing policies so that you can improve the chances of appearing on Discover.

Become a part of your community on Google Discover

Google Discover has remarkable capabilities that let you choose the information you want to add to your collections.

You need to acknowledge your customer for the target buyer to their collection or topics of interest.

This way, you will be able to add loyal customers to your list who will get notified whenever you publish your post or when your content is selected by Google Discover.

Asking your target buyer to add you to their collection is like a call to action button on your website. You need to inform them about the same if you want the visitors to take the desired action on your online platform.

Top-quality visuals

The latest updates in Google Discover demand more visual and high-quality content. It means that if you want to increase your chances of sewing up on the platform, you need to create and optimize more visuals.

Including infographics, photos, videos to amplify your posts, you can benefit a lot.

Top-quality visuals

 Google statistics also reported that

  • User satisfaction experienced a boost of 3% with high-quality visuals.
  • An increase of 5% in CTR was achieved by publishers.
  • The time on each page was increased by 3% by marketers on publishing quality content.

Google Discover is the new social media!

With so much relatable content available for the customers on Google Discover, more and more customers are diverting from social media to it. Apply all the listed ways to increase your chances to appear on Google Discover. Keep trying and testing what works best for you.

Start discovering!