If you are into online selling, you need to know about tabletop photography. Knowing how to capture quality product images is a crucial tool for any online business. Given that any potential customers don’t get the chance to touch and physically examine the item for sale, you need to provide them with high-quality, detailed photos of the items on sale to help them see all their features and make an informed purchase decision.

What is tabletop photography?

As the name suggests, tabletop photography involves taking high-quality photographs of products with a table providing the platform for them. While people may take object photos of items placed on tables for different purposes, the main purpose of this kind of photography is for online selling. This is because tabletop photography allows sellers to present visually appealing photos to potential customers. In addition, it is an effective yet affordable way to present products, to drive sales online.

What are some top tips for tabletop photography for e-commerce?

If you’re looking to have high-quality shots of your products for your online shop, you need to know about some basic tips. Here are some of the key things you should understand:

Select the right background:

The background for a product photo is quite crucial when it comes to taking a quality image. When taking a tabletop image you should pick a background remover that works for your product and complements it. It should be clean, unobtrusive, and simple. You can rarely go wrong with a plain black or white background. However, you can also experiment with different colors, backgrounds, and even textures to make the photos more interesting to the eye.

Use the right equipment

Although you can use a smartphone with a good camera, it would be better to invest in a professional camera and lenses for your tabletop photography to get the best quality product photos. Some of the things to consider investing in, as well as an excellent quality camera, is good lighting, a tripod, and backdrops. These will guarantee excellent photos for your products. You may also consider using the services of professionals like Squareshot who have not only the best equipment but also have great photographers experienced in taking product photos including tabletop photography.

Ensure proper lighting

For excellent tabletop photography, you need to have proper lighting. Natural lighting is the best, so you should use it where possible.  It would also help to invest in high-quality lights and diffusers that bring out the product features, and give the best feeling or mood to drive buyers to take action.

Pay keen attention to details

E-commerce buyers must be able to clearly see the details of the products on sale to make a purchase decision. Therefore, ensure you focus on all the vital product details as well as features. These include the color, texture, and shape of the product.

Select the correct angle

You should choose an angle that best brings out your product’s features. To find the angle that works best for your item, experiment with various views, for example, sideways, top-bottom, and so on until you find the angle that best brings out your object’s features.


Tabletop photography is a great tool for online selling and has many benefits including producing high-quality photos, allowing the best presentation of products from various angles, providing well-lit photos that are visually appealing for a luxurious look giving your product a better selling point.