Customer experience and user experience have become the norm for deciding any website’s quality. Seamless user experience has always contributed in big ways to web application’s success. On the other hand, a subpar quality and low speed of websites have resulted in a greater abandonment rate.

According to Google research, if any website's page takes more than 200ms delay to load, it will ultimately impact the business and sales of a particular organization. It does not imply only on websites but also on any enterprise’s web application as well.

What is Angularjs? How does it come to the picture?

Angularjs is Google’s javascript framework developed for rendering dynamic web applications that increase speed. It adds interactive elements to enhance the feel of the website.

Modern time demands modern solutions And being a web developer, it is imperative to keep up with the latest technology to complete your web app development project in time.

AngularJs is one such technology that will enhance the User experience for any web application. Basically, these web applications are Single Page web applications that do not reload every time a user clicks on the page instead it pulls the data from the server. This ultimately decreases the response time and leads to faster web applications that elevate the user experience. Additionally, SPAs allow developers to reuse the code within the app.

Trello and Facebook apps are the best examples of a single page application. Remember, those early days of Facebook when we had to wait for the page to reload when we like anyone’s post?

So what makes Angularjs a popular choice of any enterprise or startups to make SaaS-based Platforms or dynamic web applications? Let’s dive deeper into the technical part.

What are the Pros of Angularjs?

Speedy and responsive

As mentioned earlier, web apps made through Angularjs are faster and responsive. The reason is SPAs don’t update the entire page but only required content which increases the speed of the website. SPAs allows the HTML, CSS, & Scripts to load only once throughout the entire session of the web app. Ony data communication is done.

Caching Capability

The apps made with AngularJs caches the data more efficiently. For doing that it only sends one request to the server and stores the data as it receives. So when a user is offline he can still run the application.

Two Way Data Binding

It facilitates the developers by allowing faster data binding. It lets the changes done in the view are simultaneously displayed in the model and vice-versa.

Enhanced User Experience

The faster web app performance results in more user engagement. People don’t love to wait after clicking the new page. Web apps and websites made with Angularjs have a low abandonment rate.

Saves Time & Effort through DOM

Other popular Javascript framework needs an active manipulation of DOM (Document Object Model). Thanks to the Two-way data binding approach. It saves a considerable amount of developers’ time and effort in coding, translating, and updating the DoM elements.

Rapid Prototyping

You can easily code and build the prototype with less coding and fewer efforts so that at the early stages you can know the review of the clients at the early stage and change the application accordingly.

Highly Testable Products

One of the underlying features of AngularJS is that it creates highly testable Apps and websites. By letting unit testing and end-to-end testing, it makes testing and debugging much easier than you can think.

AngularJs provides Unique testing tools like protractor, jasmine, and Karma. Additionally, dependency injection lets various components be isolated and mocked.

The MVVM Architecture

The application’s performance depends on the architecture pattern it implements. Angular js executes MVC (Model View Control) and MVVM (Model View- ViewModel) that allows data to separate from design and visual representation that makes intricate web apps easy to manage.

Efficient Directives Use

AngularJS makes use of directives that keep the scripts and HTMP pages clear and succinct.  These allow creating independent codes by cramming together specific functions and applying them repeatedly. Apart from a set of predefined directives, the AngularJs also lets coders create custom directives.

The Plain HTML template

That framework utilizes plain HTMP templates which is another great thing. further, the templates are transferred to the compiler as DOM elements and not as strings. This particular advantage ensures a better workflow. In addition, it supports easy manipulation, extension, and reusability of templates.

What You Can Build with AngularJs Framework?

Being the most popular javascript framework, Angularjs has found its usefulness in building multiple apps where user interaction is necessary. The aesthetic part of any website or apps plays a vital role in user experience. By adding different animations and interactive elements you can build engaging apps. Apart from the websites and dynamic apps, you can build;

  • Beautiful dashboards of any SaaS Platforms
  • Real-time Chat applications with Node.js
  • Entertainment sites
  • Discussion Forum
  • Deal/Coupon Site
  • Mobile apps

Top 5 Web apps Built with AngularJS


PayPal is one of the leading Internet Payment websites that is powered by the Angularjs framework.


You might have used this giant marketplace where savvy businessmen and professional freelancers meet each other. This mighty web portal is also built using angular js.


Your daily dose of entertainment may come from Netflix. The frontend you are seeing is made with google’s Angularjs.

Github Community Forum

Developers’ main hub, where new ideas are shared and questions are asked. This forum is also powered by AngularJs.


Forbes, a magazine site is visited by millions of avid readers for international news is created through angular.


AngularJS is an astounding framework, but we should learn and accommodate its limitations and not use it when it could lag. Usually big eCommerce sites like Amazon, and where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important aspect.

If you are a startup that is looking forward to creating a SaaS-based platform or a business owner who is looking forward to creating alluring websites, AngularJs should be our choice. There are multiple Angularjs development companies who provide you efficient services that could fulfill your requirements. Select the best one and get started with your web app development project with this amazing framework.