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100 Speed Bumps Challenge

100 Speed Bumps Challenge

by Abdullah Zahid

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  • 100 Speed Bumps Challenge
  • 100 Speed Bumps Challenge
  • 100 Speed Bumps Challenge
  • 100 Speed Bumps Challenge

Speed bumps are used for protection or safety of car with speed breakers to force people to drive more slowly and don’t destroy their car on these consecutive speed bumps. Speed bumps are basically designed to make drivers slow down while driving on these speed breakers. 
People, who love car racing games with high speed testing, will enjoy this speed breaker car drive challenge. In this speed bump challenge you have to cross over the speed breaker on consecutive speed bumps without knowing that how much they can hurt a driver. In car racing games you can challenge and improve your basic driving skills. While playing this game you can make lots of improvements in your driving skills because in this game you will drive with 100+ speed having 100 speed breaker challenges in this car racing game.
Rule of this speed breaker car game is that you need to drive the car with 100+ speed without letting your car off-road and crash, it sounds easy but it’s not because in this game 100+ speed bumps are present which you have to cross with 100+ car speed without letting it decrease. This amazing speed breaker game provides the options for selecting different modes and cars. You can select different cars and use them in car racing.  If your car goes off-road and crash then you will lose the game and game will be over, so you have to be careful while driving these speedy cars on 100 consecutive speed bumps.
The graphics of this car racing game are of 3D simulation those are providing the racer two times more thrill. With the help of this it will be easier and fun to visualize your performance for 100+ speed bumps high speed breakers and driving. Enjoy the realistic car racing experience with 100+ speeds in which there is more adventure and thrill due to speed bumps on which you have to race without letting the speed of your car slow.

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