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2 Fast 2 Fury

2 Fast 2 Fury

by Mazhar Mahmood

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Control the red car and the blue car at the same time. Collect all the coins and avoid the spikes on the road, you have found the best touchscreen car racing game ever on Play Store.

2 Fast 2 Fury is a free game, very addictive, and a fun game too.

After rob a bank, thieves run away on the road by 2 cars and bring out an amazing high speed hide and seek twist. You will characterize as thieves and drive 2 cars avoid the road block and must catch the coins to refuel. You have to use 2 fingers to control / charge 2 cars to turn left, turn right, catch coins, avoid spikes, and when speed up, it's so difficult to control the fast and furious cars.

It's not complex as Asphalt games on racing, It's very simple, hard to play but very cool and useful for workaholic person. Don't be angry with difficulty, if you got 40 points, you're very excellent, master of driver - champion of 2 Fast 2 Fury in charge
If you don't want to control amazing car of thief, with fantasy - you can also imagine as a kid that you are the hero to run after, trying to catch them. A kid hero with two cars, gun, candy in pocket, music player headphone on ear, drive two crazy colorful cars on the road so as to avoid clash of gun fight ! - You could write a saga novel with that story!

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