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21 Solitaire Game

21 Solitaire Game

by DPoisn LLC

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  • 21 Solitaire Game
  • 21 Solitaire Game
  • 21 Solitaire Game
  • 21 Solitaire Game
  • 21 Solitaire Game

21 Solitaire Game. Combines some of the skill of Blackjack with the simplicity of solitaire. Score as high as you can. Play until you run out of moves.

The original version of this game is well over 20 years old. I cannot seem to find anything like it now. All the scoring and gameplay are my own design. I hope you enjoy!

Score as many points as possible before running out of moves.

Game play:
Tap on a column to move the card from the stack into that column.
Once the column totals 21, it clears.
If you have no move, you can pass the card (4 times per deck).
Once all cards in the deck are used, tap New for a new deck.

Each card is worth its face value, with face cards being 10 and Aces being 1 or 11 (like blackjack). Bonus points are given for special combinations, like Blackjack or 5 Card Charlie.

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