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25 Days Left To Survive

25 Days Left To Survive

by Thomas Brad

  • 25 Days Left To Survive
  • 25 Days Left To Survive
  • 25 Days Left To Survive
  • 25 Days Left To Survive
  • 25 Days Left To Survive

Have you ever imagine the life of a dwarf as survivor. Can you survive for 25 days on this lethal island? If yea then explore island on your smartphones. 25 Days Left To Survive is a survival adventure game where you dexterity your own destiny in an open world environment. Discover this surprising world. Use everything you find to survive. No one has survived for this long ever before. Try your best surviving as a dwarf stranded in vast jungle.

25 Days Left To Survive adventure begun with extremely accident on lake. Your boat has been destroyed in water storm and your friend’s are lost somewhere deep in the fantasy temple island. You have to find our friends and go back home safely. You don’t know how deep inside the forest you are and how vast it is, but now you’re stuck in the mountains village.


25 Days Left To Survive is adventurous game with challenging gameplay where you are a survivor as fantasy dwarf so you’ll have to make it, facing any challenge anytime for survival. Surviving will be no simple task for first time but don’t worry you will learn fast in this survival game. The missions are easy to understand and smooth controls to play. Your main task is you will survive to 25 days in dark fantasy island. Don’t starve! Collect any available source of food to keep yourself fed in this survival game. You must keep track of your health otherwise you won’t survive the tough life of jungle.

First you have to craft some basic tools so that you can help for surviving in this simulation. In this fantasy deadly island where island creatures are wandering and try to search something to remove their hunger. Quest your friends in the vast jungle but beware yourself from other dangerous dwarfs and fantasy animals. Find and build your boat using various materials. Show your surviving skills and making boat techniques to relish this beautiful adventure. Action and thrilling game is ready to blast the game in jungle survival gaming world with the help of realistic dwarf skills and fantasy island environment.

Key Features:

• Play as dwarf and survive 25 days in fantasy island
• Addictive gameplay and multiple challenges to complete
• Simple and easy ways to learn about surviving in jungle
• Vast area to explore and dark jungle environment

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