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456 Survival Game

456 Survival Game

by Pistalix

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  • 456 Survival Game
  • 456 Survival Game
  • 456 Survival Game
  • 456 Survival Game
  • 456 Survival Game

Get excited about the masterpiece multicraft war to Win this K challenge to get 45.6 billion won now by bypassing every survival game! Survival in each level to save your life.

Join in our survival squid game and win the piggy money. It's a survival game. Don't die before you win the K challenge.

456 Survival Game is K-Games series that includes Green light red light, sugar cookie challenge, midnight fight, Tug of war, marble challenge, Glass bridge. Your mission is to survive, win all these Korean Games and Beat your competitor to win a golden piggy bank for your own.

Red Light Green Light: cross the finish line within the limited time frame.
Suger Honeycombs: in the candy game or sugar cookie, the player needs to be careful to separate the candy.
Survival Game: Player have to fight with the other player to survive.
Marbles: One Vs One marble game between player 456 and contestant.
Tug of War: Player strength, alertness and intelligence need to be fully utilized at this level to pull the rope.
Hopscotch: Player has to remember all the glass tiles to jump on the glass. This level is also known as glass stepping stones.
More and More

- Great harmony with graphics
- Various skin with a lot of reward waiting ahead
- user-friendly control
- Amazing amination
- Fun in each level with excitement

The chance to become Billionaire is in your hand now. So get ready and survive in 456 Survival Game. Make sure to watch out for the time, or you will DIE!

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE & PLAY THE GAME FOR REAL! Challenge yourself to become the Mastercraft war in 456 Survival Game.

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