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4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure

4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure

by Uncle Games

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3D , Car , Race
  • 4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure
  • 4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure
  • 4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure
  • 4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure
  • 4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure
  • 4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure

Do you love wandering offroad in desert or hills in your Prado? Stop following road tracks, and dive into the world of off-road deserts with this 4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure. Prado car simulator provides you an amazing experience of driving off road Prado in desert and hills. 

Explore the offroad drive route along with other competitors in Prado racing by overcoming the obstacles with smooth controls, and win the checkpoints race with your SUV and 4x4 Prado! Drive off road racing Prado and go through the mountains, hard pathways, or through rocks with competitors.

Completely realistic environment, heavy control SUV and 4x4 jeep, drive your passion, challenge your friends and show them who is the real master of offroad driving. As an off road extreme driver, drive through a craggy land on a deserted, mountainous island, and acquire car damage by twisting your SUV, drive through water and experience extreme offroad driving.

In offroad Prado driving game, Drive Prado with smooth controls, drive ahead and clamber high mountains, face challenging races as you are the offroad extreme driver overcoming the obstacles and knotty sludge, quicksand chunk and escaping through foxhole.
Each game level of asphalt extreme offroad driving has its own unique challenges offering life-challenging hill driving.

As a wandering driver you will have to face extreme dangerous curves, rover challenges, off road adventures, and tough competitors in offroad Prado race. Well this off-road driving simulator will provide you 4x4 madness of a Prado simulator.

Experience the 4x4 madness and offroad driving skills with Prado car games.
This thrilling off-road speed racing game with driving adventure has a realistic simulator and realistic weather environment with offroad hill driving that will make you love this off-road Prado hills racing game.

Regardless other off-road games, this asphalt offroad jeep racing game has offroad racing prado, real-time offroad car driving simulation more closer to physics laws and driving adventure.

Game provides you several challenging categories of race:
1. Single Race
2. Checkpoint Race
3. Elimination Race
4. Free mode Race

One of the best offroad cruiser game’s track. Providing you astonishing and realistic environment with difficult and challenging race track with curvy turns, muddy area, huge mountains and hard pathways.

Provided you with categories of vehicles. Powerful SUV’s with powerful engine and extra textures. 4x4 Prado simulator that will make your challenges more interesting and improve your driving skills.

Different features of vehicles enable you to optimize your vehicles. Improve your vehicle’s textures with different beautiful designs and upgrade your vehicles with power full engine and optimize other powerful features in offroad jeep stunt racing drive.

• Upgrade system
• Performance Optimization
• Handling
• Top Speed
• Engine
• Turbo

You will get rewards on playing every asphalt round plus get bonus on winning the challenges and on every checkpoint you crossed.

Different interesting sounds of modern Prado, Turbo voice, speeding voice, checkpoint crossing sound, Level completion sound.

44x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure Features:
- Easy Control support
- Shows Lead board and Rewards
- Realistic car sounds
- Vehicle customization (colors, tires, textures and new add-on system)
- Mesmerizing environments (mountains, hills, dirt roads)
- Best free time killer game
- Practical driving experience
- Abyss- Drive through beautiful sides of abyss
- 8km of lengthy tracks

If you are willing to accept the challenges, join 4x4 Prado Offroad Dessert Adventure game and let the world know about your skills. 

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