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A1 Math Puzzle

A1 Math Puzzle

by A1Games

  • A1 Math Puzzle
  • A1 Math Puzzle
  • A1 Math Puzzle
  • A1 Math Puzzle
  • A1 Math Puzzle

A1 Math puzzle is a educational kids game. Sharpen you basic math skill with this simple math game.

It has over 49 levels, where difficulty will increase as you complete your puzzle.You have to perform basic
math operations like addition,subtraction,multiplication, devision and modulo.

There will be a 5x5 grid having numbers on it, also having math operation signs. Some blocks will be empty.
There will be answers in the panel, you have to drag the answer and put it on correct block on the grid.
Fill all the blocks to complete the puzzle.You will unlock new puzzle after you finish corrent puzzle


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