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by Risky Majic

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Looking for a fun fast paced math puzzle game on the go? One that might make your Smarter?

Check out Add+Icted!

In this frantic minimalistic math based puzzler you have to swipe to add up the numbers to make the total. 

Starting on a 2x2 grid you will make your way through 20 levels in each mode as the gird gets bigger and the numbers get harder to solve.

Try your hand at four unique game modes -

Time Trial - Try to get the highest score in 45 seconds and make it to the next level. With Addition,Subtraction and Multiplication cubes standing in your way.

Rush - In this mode you task your self with 20 seconds. Make the formulas and give yourself more time on the clock to get the high score and show these numbers what your are made of!

Complete - Unlocked by purchasing Plus this game mode will challenge you to clear the board of the evil numerators ready to laugh at your adding skills.

Perfection - Unlocked by purchasing Plus this game mode is a fast paced mode where accuracy is key as you try to make as many totals as can without any errors. One wrong move and it is game over!

*New* Countdown - Unlocked by purchasing Plus this game mode will challenge you with all the cubes the same number. Make matches to get the cubes down by one each time while the score ticks down. Get all the cubes to the right number to win!

So what are you waiting for? If you have read this far you owe it to yourself to download and play!

Come on and get ADD+ICTED

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