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Aesthetic Drinks! ASMR Mixing

25 Jun 2023 Game Of The Day

Aesthetic Drinks! ASMR Mixing

by Creative Spartans

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  • Aesthetic Drinks! ASMR Mixing
  • Aesthetic Drinks! ASMR Mixing
  • Aesthetic Drinks! ASMR Mixing
  • Aesthetic Drinks! ASMR Mixing

Making aesthetic drinks had never been this much fun before! Welcome to the small business of Aesthetic ASMR drink Spa! Create visually appealing and tasty drinks using a variety of ingredients, tools, and techniques. From colorful healthy juices, milkshakes, detox juices & Magical potions to refreshing boba milk teas, the possibilities are endless.

People are coming to your shop with an issue, someone wants to lose weight, someone wants to gain weight, someone wants a skin cleansing juice, someone wants to beat the heat, you are not just a juice maker but also a mixologist master who will guide them which drink will solve their problem. So first, you can choose from a variety of aesthetic glassware, from classic glass, karafe sets, boba tea cups, iced coffee glass, kawaii tumbler cups, mushroom glasses, mukbang style glasses to quirky mason jars and so much more. They can then add ice from the biggest collection of ice cubes stocked in ice drawer following an oddly satisfying process pop it for pouring and visual ASMR mixology for mixing, infused with healthy detox mint, lemons, berries for an additional blast. Open the ice drawer Pop the cubes into glass with a soothing, satisfying and fidget pop it mold. Then add fruit, magical syrups and other garnishes to their drinks to make them look as appealing as possible.

Experiment with different flavor combinations to solve the issue of your client and using aesthetic mixology techniques followed by ASMR triggers and satisfying animations to create a drink that not only looks good, but tastes good too and serves user with a purpose.

As progress through the game, they can unlock new ingredients, tools, and techniques to add more fun.

Aesthetic Drinks game is perfect for anyone who loves mixology, aesthetics, and fun competition. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just someone who enjoys making drinks at home, this game offers a fun and engaging way to explore the world of aesthetic drink creation. So why not download it today and start mixing up some delicious and aesthetically pleasing drinks?

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