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Agent Go!

Agent Go!

by Dalenryder Media

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2D , Runner , Jump
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Get ready for this amazing adventure with Agent Go.

Welcome in Agent Go's world. Stand by his side and help Agent Go to find the stolen Pizza that was stolen at night from the museum in an interesting exhibition about holy Pizzas.
It's a dangerous mission in which you will have to deal with gangsters, museum directors and black magic. 
But in a world full of criminals and dangerous people there is one agent that can save the world: Its Agent Go! and his friends.
In an interesting story line with sub missions you will travel around the world, meet your worst enemies and even visit a prison. You will also have to procure various objects and things to continue your mission like for example password sheets or classified documents. The mission will bring you from Germany to the other side of the world where the holy Pizza seems to be hidden.
So all in all you will go on an action packed adventure where you will save the world, find the pizza and you will have a lot of fun.

This epic and action packed side-scroller of another kind offers lot of fun and entertainment. Some say it’s 2D and some others say it’s 3D, and we say it’s 2.5D. The game is a mix of a 3D and 2D environment with a highly destructible world with boxes, with explosions, enemies and Ninjas.
The physics based destruction of colourful boxes and even special devices (starting in higher levels), not only looks fantastic, but also is highly enjoyable and entertaining. The colourful and customizable characters crush the towers of blocks, trigger big explosions and much more.
Level up to unlock new world elements and use power ups to boost your abilities or simply enjoy the slow-motion explosions and tower crushes.
Collect coins and gems to unlock some of Agent Go’s friends and to customize them in a funny or a serious and official agent style way. You can also buy power ups and boost your gaming experience.

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