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AI Image Recognizer

AI Image Recognizer

by Denis Tüselmann-Artemjew

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  • AI Image Recognizer
  • AI Image Recognizer
  • AI Image Recognizer

How artificial intelligence judges your pictures.

Social networks and Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Co. are daily scanned and analysed by artificial intelligence. Ever wondered how this artificial intelligence judges your pictures? With this App you will find out how the world looks like from the eyes of an AI. Analyse any picture and check if the AI really gets the point.

This App provides an interface to the latest state of the art artificial intelligence available to public. It has been trained with millions of data-bundles. However private images have been filtered, so this special App will not recognize you personally on your pictures, unless you are a prominent person who has given up his/her right on own pictures. The connected artificial intelligence is developed by major information technology corporation in the world.

Analysing even Emotions

You can even analyse emotions of a pictured person. This App will even uncover the certainty of the artificial intelligence regarding each judgement of a situation or emotion. Discover how far you can trust an artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence analyses pictures
Choose a picture and get the analyses with probability rating
Analyses Situations and Emotions

Before next time posting a picture check with this App!

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