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Air Gravity - Simple and Fun

Air Gravity - Simple and Fun

by Mobiman

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  • Air Gravity - Simple and Fun
  • Air Gravity - Simple and Fun
  • Air Gravity - Simple and Fun

Go Airborne And Fight Against Gravity And Enemy Planes. The Ultimate fight in the air. Do not let the enemies shoot you down. You will need to fight against gravity.

An innovative and amazing game designed to provide continuous fun for you. To fight in the air and not let enemies shoot you down. As well as the user friendly interface of only one button, which is the entire screen, to fly against gravity.

A game where users can fight in an arcade and shoot em up setting. To win with a high score you must battle it out against the enemy planes and keep your air balance from gravity which will make you fall and crash to the ground. Users need to maintain their air balance to keep flying their plane. With the help of the auto-shoot function, the player doesn't have to worry about shooting and just need to keep an eye on flying their airplane and auto-shooting down enemy planes. The main focus should be on mastering your skills such as piloting your plane so you don't collide into an enemy planes and dodging the enemy airplane bullets.

By collecting coins the player can increase their fame and by picking up healthpacks they can get a boost to overcome any enemy airplanes. Some enemy planes might be less harmful while others are very deadly, so the users need to gain experience and skills to survive and win with a high score.

By playing, you can enjoy a simple and fun game to pass the time.

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