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Ancient Allies Tower Defense

12 Jun 2023 Game Of The Day

Ancient Allies Tower Defense

by Beanstalk Games

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  • Ancient Allies Tower Defense
Ancient Allies Tower Defense is a strategy TD game that combines the genre’s most popular gameplay mechanics with new and innovative features. In addition to the classic tower defense objective of building and upgrading towers to stop enemies from reaching your base, you can also send allied troops to fight alongside your tower defenses.


Ancient Allies Tower Defense is packed with engaging content for hours and hours of strategic gameplay. The initial release contains 26 unique towers, 85 maps, 51 enemy units, and 28 allied units. Each tower has a variety of upgrade paths that provide a deep level of strategy and choice. The Ancient Allies TD campaign plays like a puzzle, where each level requires new ideas and methods to complete. There are also trial modes — each map from the campaign can be replayed in a number of difficulties and challenges.


Aliens have invaded Earth in the year 2089. The aliens possess shields that make them impervious to modern weaponry, but they are still vulnerable to close-combat melee attacks. With Earth’s population already depleted, you are tasked with going back in time to recruit troops that specialize in hand-to-hand combat. Traveling from timeline to timeline, you will work with military geniuses like Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan. After helping them to defeat their ancient foes, they will return the favor by allowing their armies to fight in the present-day battle against the aliens.


There's finally a tower defense game that is strategic and exciting, but still relaxing. Ancient Allies TD was built to avoid rapid clicking and high-intensity ability management. We want the focus to be on strategy and fun — to keep the game "zen", while still offering a high skill-cap for experienced players. Your allied troops spawn automatically, and when you send them to battle, they follow pre-existing paths. You do not manually control their movement. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for in-depth players via complex tower upgrade combos, ammo management, optimized timing, and more.


Ancient Allies Tower Defense provides constant opportunities for progression. Between battles, there are elements of base management — you can research new permanent abilities, upgrade your gold mines and recruitment office, send out scavenging parties, and fill your barracks. There are daily challenges to complete, achievements to unlock, and rewards to claim.

Whether you are a tower defense veteran or new to the genre, Ancient Allies TD will not disappoint.

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