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Angry Farm

Angry Farm

by MyCrowSoft Studios

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A frenzy pet escape and addicting fun for everyone of any age.

Mr. Sheep, Mr. Pig and Miss Cow have gone mad. It’s your farm and they are your pets. Something has upset the animals and they are on a go.

Your attractive green family farm is built with a lot of care and fun. Put the fence in the right place to stop them from ruining your elegant farm. Rotate the fences in your farm and keep those angry crazy animals from escaping.

Keep your farm pets from ruining your farm ? They are crazy and they will run anyway so only you can stop them. They will ruin the silo, essa and all the craps in your agriculture paradise.

Come and see what everyone is hootin’ and gossipin’ about.

Angry Farm is the only and unique game of its type and people love it already. You have a beautiful green family farm like the sorts of sims and Farmville. But the birds, pony, pig, cow and other pets have gone angry. Only you are your farm hero.

With just a touch of magic, Angry Farm offers surprises, adventure and the satisfaction only found in a place of your very own. You are destin to save your crops and your farmlands.
With a fresh new atmosphere, easier controls, and new characters to play with, this game offers many new ways to experience the joy of farming!

Many of the farmers are dragging their fingers to save their silo and crops. Get among all those farmers and prove that you are the best farm hero.

Among all the top farm games it is different and entertaining in its own fun way. It offers different themes and lands to play with. All the beautiful pet characters make it more fun.

It’s delicious, it’s tempting and it is a free game and comes with no age limit. Kids and everyone else will find it dazzling and helpful for the minds to relax. Beautiful and charming animations will attract you to this enchanting addiction.


How to Play:
◉ Tap to start
◉ Touch to rotate the fence and trap the pets inside the fence
◉ Collect the pet food to unlock other addictive levels

Amazing Game Features:
◉ Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.
◉ Minimal Graphics, Fun & Very Addicted
◉ 3 Game modes
◉ Beautiful design
◉ One-touch control
◉ Amazing Game-Play
◉ Small Memory Space
◉ Totally Free

Enjoy this amazing free game and spread the love if you love the game.

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