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Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator

Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator

by Lisa Jeff

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  • Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator
  • Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator
  • Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator
  • Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator
  • Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator

Get ready to enter the world of mysterious creatures of Angry Mermaid and sea Animals adventure in this Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator. Fight with dangerous hunters and sea animals like wild shark, angry crocodile in this ocean attack simulator. This thrilling game with the most amazing underwater experience is designed for all mermaid simulation lovers. Game has the most advance 3D under water environment with a lot of different Sea animals you have never heard of. 

Be the princess of the oceans and beat your brutal enemies like bad guys in Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator. As a princess you are in real danger from the evil Sea Animals like dangerous shark who wanted to destroy your empire in this water simulator. As a mysterious Creatures of Angry Mermaids you have some magical powers like powerful trident attack and Fighting with your long maleficent tail. 

Game Play:

Play real Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean simulator the fantasying game for the Mermaid Fans and lovers of the beautiful maleficent Sea Animals. Play as a Princess Mermaid and perform your duties. You need to fight with dangerous sea hunter and save your sea animals friends in this mermaid attack ocean simulator. Enjoy Sea Animals Adventure and fight with sea divers which are wandering in the deep sea in search of you. Sharks are your biggest enemies and they will bite you if you enter in their area. Make sure you use all of your powers and make them repent on attacking you. Angry mermaid attack the hunter which are ready to hunt the sea animals with the help of lethal weapons. Thrilling missions are ready to blast the sea animal adventure simulator.

Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator Features:

• Play as cute mermaid and enjoy sea animal adventure
• Choose your favorite princess and fight with hunters
• Beautiful Deep ocean environment
• Style up your mermaid with trendy three different styles.
• Angry shark are ready to attack on you 

Angry Mermaid Attack Ocean Simulator is specially designed for all sea Beast adventure lovers and sea animals fighting games fans. Be a water princess and do not waste time as it is the most important thing in life. Use your special powers like trident attack, fire ball and many more to fight with dangerous sharks. Mange to complete your task in time otherwise the mission will fail and you can’t go the next mission. Keep eyes on your health as you get out of water you will start losing it and even when you are attacked by sea hunters.

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