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Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival

Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival

by Cipher Coders

  • Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival
  • Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival
  • Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival
  • Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival

Dive into life of wild scorpion! Raise family, fight with predators for survival while playing Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival. Survive in dark jungle and save your family from jungle predators with the help of your surviving techniques. Fight with dangerous animals like wild spider, angry fox and many more in the forest. You search food like worm for your family and spend some time with them in the cave. Raise your family and build your home in dark jungle.

Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival is thrilling game for all jungle survival game lovers. You become wild scorpion and use your claw as well as poison sting power to hunt for your family in the jungle. Different beautiful environment like desert and jungle to survive while playing furious scorpion family sim. Battle with deadly predators like Rat, Boar and squirrel to defend your family by playing this family jungle survival game. 


Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival is animals family game with interesting gameplay where you play as poisonous scorpion and survive with family. Choose your favorite scorpion and fight with dangerous enemies. First find your mate and increase your scorpion family. After mating protect your little scorpions from jungle predators. Search food in the jungle and feed your little scorpions because they will grow in size in future. Rescue your family from wild animals and use your attacking powers like poison sting to fight with predators. Improve your energy & health by eating different down insects like worms. Complete various living missions to increase your power and become more enduring as well as speedy. Wild animals like boar, Fox, dangerous Spider are wandering in the jungle and search their food. Beware from these creatures and save your family from these jungle beasts. Unlock different wild scorpions and enjoy your life with your family. Different cameras angle and thrilling missions are ready to blast the game in gaming world with the help of jungle survival skills.

Key Features:

• Play as wild Scorpions and Survive with family
• Choose your favorite scorpions skins to fight
• Save your family from jungle animals like Fox, spider
• 3D Graphics and realistic sound effect
• Two Different environment to play like desert and Forest
• Addictive Gameplay and smooth controls
• Eat food and increase your scorpions family

Angry Scorpion Family Jungle Survival is specially designed for all Scorpions game lovers and jungle survival game fans. Fights in world of insect adventure with the help of your hunting powers in this Wild Scorpions Jungle game. Kill these animals enemies and hunt insect for your little scorpions before they hunt you. Exciting missions and thrilling gameplay made this game entertaining for all games lovers. Feel like one of the most dangerous scorpions and rule in insect world.

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