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Angry Sticks GX

Angry Sticks GX

by devalgx

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  • Angry Sticks GX
  • Angry Sticks GX
  • Angry Sticks GX
  • Angry Sticks GX

Angry Sticks GX game brings you the world of fun and excitement where you kill people with colorful sticks and be thrilled.
If you are looking for a fun game, this stick figure game is the right one for you. You will have to keep your eyes on time while playing this smashing game.

The gameplay

The fun gameplay of this stick game keeps you going for hours without stressing your mind. Target your enemies and smash them with a colorful stick. Little people will try to escape from the garden after stealing flowers, and the angry stickman will jump over them to smash. Keep your eyes on time as it is limited. Collect as many coins as possible to unlock new levels.

Some Key Features

Angry Sticks GX brings back your childhood memories with its exciting features.
βœ…This is a fighting game where you play with the stick. You will get sticks of different colors.
βœ…Multiple level with new and exciting features.
βœ…Amazing graphics of this stickman fight game will let you play without stressing your eyes.
βœ…Soothing music will keep you concentrated.
βœ…Free and offline game.
βœ…Kids and adults both can enjoy the smash game.
Every level of this stickman game starts with the mission of killing different types of enemies, providing their diverse identities and numbers. From little targets to big and challenging ones, come gradually. Several rewards are also there when you achieve a target.
The anger of the stick is endless, so is the game. Hit and smash as many people as you can to score higher. You will also come across continuous shooting activities with the powerful automatic stick function while playing this stickman revenge.
Whether you are a fan of smashing games or killing games, stick figure games are always the top choice. If you played hammer games before, you already know the amount of joy hit games bring. Our new and improved stick game is undoubtedly one of the best games that will fill your mind with excitement.
If you are looking for funny games free or no wifi games free, this angry stick game is your right choice. You don’t have to spend a single penny to install and play the game. Moreover, this game is offline, so you can play without an active internet connection. Even if you search for one-handed games, this is the one. Tap with only one finger. Play, hit, and smash anytime, anywhere.
Our stickman game is one of the popular games that is designed for both adults and kids. Play alone or with your kids to have the ultimate fun.
Install this Angry Sticks GX on your android devices and start smashing the thieves hard with the colorful sticks.
Angry Sticks GX is an action-based fun game developed by DevalGX.

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