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Angry Wild Lion Animal Hunting : Adventure Game

Angry Wild Lion Animal Hunting : Adventure Game

by Abdullah Zahid

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  • Angry Wild Lion Animal Hunting : Adventure Game
  • Angry Wild Lion Animal Hunting : Adventure Game
  • Angry Wild Lion Animal Hunting : Adventure Game
  • Angry Wild Lion Animal Hunting : Adventure Game
  • Angry Wild Lion Animal Hunting : Adventure Game


Experience the fun of lion hunting and shooting wild lion in adventure game.

Angry Wild Lion Animal Hunting : Adventure Game

Want to experience the thrill of 3D shooting game, the angry wild lions, in a forest environment? Then “Angry Lion Hunting Simulator” is the ultimate 3D hunting game for you to experience thrill of hunting. Angry Lion Hunting is 3D android game, an incredible shooting game to hunt wild lions in the jungle. A real animal simulator game with sniper and assault guns, you might not experience in your real life till now.

Lion Hunting is an addictive 3D wild animal’s attack game in which you can hunt down wild lions in a very unique snow and in jungle environment. There are angry wild lions in the jungle; you have got the challenge to hunt the Angry Lions as an expert hunter in wild adventure 3D game. The hobby of Lion hunting has always been of brave people’s hobby and they love to play the wild adventure 3D simulation games. Lion Hunters are usually equipped with best rifles, snipers and other modern weapons with scope. The hunter in the jungle has to be active, alert, and accurate in aiming and shooting. Lions are wild animals and may attack back on the hunter, so he has to be ready to rescue himself in case of danger and escape to the safe point in wild animal fighting games.

Be aware from wild angry lions, they will attack back on you and if you will not hurry these beasts will take on you to kill you and resulting in game over. Use your shooting skills to kill these wild lions before they attack on you. You have to complete the level by just lion hunting in animal simulator game. Enjoy a lifetime real jungle 3D hunting and sniper plus assault guns shooting action in 3D shooting game. Lion hunting lets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous wild lions. With access to powerful guns you will rely on your sniper skills to kill and trap wild lions in 3D android game. Like a real hunter, improve your chasing skills and use your hunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wild lions in wild adventure 3D game.

Lion Hunting is fun when one is a professional hunter as an amateur will threaten his life in trying to kill violent wild lions. In Angry Lion Hunting Simulator, you got 10 levels to hunt down angry lions. For shooting, you got 5 guns to select from and you can unlock these guns using money or coins earned while completing these missions. The wild lion can be killed with a single shot but if you miss it, the lion will attack back on you and will take you down in 3D wild animal fighting game.

Let's try to have fun to hunt wild lions more but, you need to be attentive and expert in using your sniper gun. Keep your eyes open to find lions. Do not waste your time; Just Do It. And get your best shot in this 3D adventure game. Lion hunting a 3D animal hunting game is an unforgettable adventure for real hunters, where you will meet face to face with wild lions and have to hunt them. If you are a hunter get your gear and go hunting right now in 3D hunting game. Grab your hunting rifle, jump into the jungle for 3D animal hunting game to hunt wild lions in forest environment.

The 3D environment in this 3D lion hunting game is astonishing. The controllers are smooth and easy to move; you can easily take aim and hunt the wild lion easily. The missions are time based so, try to finish them as fast as you can in this 3D animal shooting game. Take down all the dangerous wild lions from the firepower of your guns and take the hunting to the next level. Aim and shoot to kill the animals in wild animal fighting games.

White Lion Hunting Features:
• 10 difficult wild lion hunt missions.
• 5 accurate rifles for hunting.
• Smooth and steady controls.
• First time white lion hunter game.
• 3D snow environment.
• First-person Shooting.
• Full of fun and enjoyable game play.
• Winter Hunting.

Download Angry Lion Hunting Simulator and become one of the best hunters of this winter season and claim to be the champion of lion hunter 2018.

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