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Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator

Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator

by confun game

  • Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator
  • Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator
  • Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator
  • Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator


Get ready to new experience of Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator, where you experience being a specialist vet doctor, gorgeous vet nurse as well as an ambulance driver at city hospital. You have to face different challenges tasks like surgeries and operations in this pet vet hospital. Become Best Animal Doctor at city Hospital in 1st 3D Pet Doctor Game. As a vet doctor it is your duty to help different pets like duck, hen, cow, dog and cat. You need to operate different sick pets like puppy, kitty and perform challenging surgeries as a specialist vet doctor.

This Game is specially designed for all city hospital games lovers and vet doctor games fans. At vet hospital you will get a chance to treat pet animals including furry pets, fluffy pets and furry animals in pet doctor simulator. Play the role of vet doctor, perform emergency room operations with the help of surgery squad in this simulator. Our pet vet hospital has many different kinds of medical instruments to do pet surgery on cats & dogs in veterinary game. Rescue puppy and save life as soon as possible with the help of medical instruments.


Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator is exciting game with interesting gameplay where you play as Specialist Vet Doctor, cute nurse as well as amazing driver and spend your life for humanity. Drive the hospital ambulance to the specific location to take the injured animals to your hospital for treatments. You can also play as a beautiful nurse to do some first aid treatment to the lovely pets. At vet hospital do animal doctor pet care activities such as taking body temperature, measuring blood pressure etc. At pet vet hospital take X-ray picture, MRI machine to take body scan, putting ice packs of furry pet’s puppy and kitty in pet dog doctor game. This simulation is full of incredible missions like, pick up the hurt animals and set him on to the stretcher. Take him to the vet hospital with in time for best treatment service. A dog which is injure by road accident, you have to save the puppy and take the ambulance immediately for city hospital. Show your medical skills and treat pets professionally might be pets are innocent duck, cats, dogs or other incidental animals. You have various medical instruments of dog doctor & cat doctor to cure pet animals in pet vet simulator. Thrilling and amazing game logic made this game crazier and addictive.

Key Features:

• Play as specialist vet doctor, cute nurse, and ambulance driver
• Realistic Fun surgeries, operations and medical treatments
• Operate the sick furry pets with perfections
• HD graphics and amazing pet vet hospital environment
• Drive the luxury hospital ambulance
• Impossible and challenging tasks
• Good quality Sounds and Different smooth controls

Get ready to play the best Animal Doctor Pet Vet Hospital Simulator and enjoy the virtual treatment of the different pets. You must be passionate about your profession. Play as expert pet animal doctor at vet hospital in best animal hospital game. Furry animals and fluffy pets are suffering from a bad case of the flu in pet doctor game. In this animal doctor simulator you can become a pet care doctor do a lot of animal treatment in veterinary hospital. If you feel excited about pet care hospital games, then you'll like experience of being a vet doctor in city hospital game.

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