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Animal Stunts in Water Park

Animal Stunts in Water Park

by confun game

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  • Animal Stunts in Water Park
  • Animal Stunts in Water Park
  • Animal Stunts in Water Park
  • Animal Stunts in Water Park

We are introducing new Animal stunts adventure and enjoy thrilling water stunts by playing this Animal Stunts in Water Park game. You can perform different stunts while playing this simulation. Enjoy water Park adventure simulation, choose your favorite animal like jaguar as well as leopard and reach towards your destination with in time. You have to avoid from colliding with the deadly obstacles, the crazy crowed is ready to make fun of you in this Water Park action simulation.

Animal Stunts in Water Park is ready for fun and entertainment for all animals stunts game lovers. You can jump, crouch and run as fast as you can with the help of smooth controls. You can feel real water stunts and complete all thrilling levels in new animal water park adventure. Show your strategy against the deadly obstacles and Beware from them that are ready to fall you down in the water.


Animal Stunts in Water Park is thrilling game with entertaining gameplay where you play as speedy animals like, cougar, leopard, jaguar and black puma to complete all water obstacles with the help of different stunts skills like jump, run as fast as you can to avoid these deadly hurdles. The programmed machines are controlling these unique obstacles in the stunt water park like, punching bags, smashing rollers, slippery bubble balloon, moving balls, tricky shaking bridges, and many more hindrance in this animals Water Park game.

Animal Stunts in Water Park is specially designed for all water stunts game lovers and running animals game fans. You have to complete impossible task with in time. Amazing strategy you can use while running on the greasy bridges. 3D environment of the water park made this game crazier and more entertaining. Different animals are ready to blast the water stunts and explore the game in gaming world. Avoid from colliding with these hard water obstacles otherwise, you will lose the game and fall down in the water.

Animal Stunts in Water Park Features:

• Play as Wild animals to complete exciting missions
• 3D Water Park Environment and new Adventure
• Unique Deadly Obstacles
• Addictive gameplay and Special Stunt Park
• Smooth controls like jump, run and many more
• Beat your Rival Time

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