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Antistress Brain Games! ASMR

29 Dec 2023 Game Of The Day

Antistress Brain Games! ASMR

by creative spartans

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  • Antistress Brain Games! ASMR
  • Antistress Brain Games! ASMR
  • Antistress Brain Games! ASMR
  • Antistress Brain Games! ASMR

Fidget Games for memory training!


Antistress Brain Games is a collection of mini brain teaser puzzles & mental health improvement games designed to sharpen your memory, improve your focus and mind concentration, and boost your IQ & logic skills like a genius with the ultimate stress reliever fidgets that will not only improve your memory, focus & logic, IQ with musics & Visuals but will also act as anxiety & stress reliever. Each game is based on antistress and oddly satisfying visuals that will keep your fingers busy, eyes focued & memory improved followed by ASMR triggers for decompression breakthrough & also for ultimate relaxation along with brain test with some electronic memory tricky exercises.

With Antistress Brain Games, you can enjoy original challenges brain teasers. Be more clever & Test your memory with challenging memory games like:

o Pop It Memory Match

o One line stroke puzzles

o Pop it Matching Puzzles

o One line Simple dimple match

o Unfolding belts placed on top of each other to improve cognitive skills.

• Improve your focus and concentration with puzzles and brain teasers like:

o Slime Puzzles & brain teasers

o Soap sort & match

o Unblock pop its like freeing jammed traffic

o Fidget toys Puzzles with thinking teasers.

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