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Arctic Leopard Family Snow Forest Sim

16 Jan 2022 Game Of The Day

Arctic Leopard Family Snow Forest Sim

by TingBing Gaming

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Play , 3D , Animal
  • Arctic Leopard Family Snow Forest Sim
  • Arctic Leopard Family Snow Forest Sim
  • Arctic Leopard Family Snow Forest Sim
  • Arctic Leopard Family Snow Forest Sim

Enter into the wilderness which is awaits and live the life of a Snow Leopard!

Are you ready to be part of this snow forest adventure? Because this is not about simple journey game but it is about tough and rugged arctic terrain, full of opponents walking around you. An Insanely Realistic Arctic Leopard Family Snow Forest Sim story is waiting for you where you play as ultimate Leopard of the arctic forest and survive in the cold environment against different foes.

Join the most fearless snow leopard epic life story pack in the beautiful Arctic entire forest! This is an experience of family protection and jungle animal survival. You have to show your best survival abilities and explore the arctic world to find your mate. This is not a panther simulator, tiger sim or lion simulator, this is arctic leopard family forest simulator because snow leopard games are incredible.

An experience you will feel like colors of real fantasy magic world. Select your favorite mode to play like story mode or a free mode where you can hunt down anything and show your true power. Mating with your mate and birth cubs to increase your leopard breed. Adventures of arctic leopard are the Ultimate Animal Simulator, combining the best of the safari adventure, simulation, and rampage genres.

Key Features:

• Play the role of arctic leopard and survive
• Multiple types of attacks, including Bite, Claw & Jump
• Heart touching gameplay & amazing story of finding a mate
• Real day/night cycle and dynamic weather

Beautiful snow leopard fell to sleep and the heartless hunter took his mate far away from him. Arctic big cat woke up & started to wander around to find his lovely mate. This is a journey to an unknown destination in wilder life and you have to put your best into this snow forest arctic leopard simulator. You have to hunt and pounce other animals like rabbit, pigeons, moose, and puffin, in order to survive.

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